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Summer arrives. You leave the city.

You leave behind the noise of the streets and you only think about breathing the fresh air, about forgetting how fast or slow the hours can pass and you focus only on your surroundings. In meeting with the person with whom you spend every hour of the day for three months of heat. The one you have breakfast with in the garden of your house and have fun posing as if you were Kate Moss photographed by Mario Testino.


Summer is for escapism, to enjoy your purest essence and your freedom.

“All this concept, takes shape through an editorial that breathes innocence and mischief, two words that we focus on to develop the concept of “A Movie Called Summer” and accompanied by contrasts of color and knitwear elevate these attitudes of the hand of Luna Sobrino and Holy.”







photo: Carlos Canela
video: Camilo Perseo
edition: Camilo Perseo & Jaime Venegas
sound: Camilo Perseo
stylist: Claudia del Río
talents: Luna Sobrino & Holy
creative direction: Claudia del Río
special thanks: Ariadna Díaz, Sisyphe, Cas Deiá, adidas, Lacoste, Pelonio, Champán.