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At HIGHXTAR. we celebrate the arrival of 2022 by launching our first Digital Cover with one of the most popular personalities on the web: Jessica Goicoechea. With almost 2 million followers, the 25-year-old model and entrepreneur has a successful clothing and cosmetics brand.


Although she doesn’t usually give many interviews, the Catalan met with the HIGHXTAR. team at the Palace to talk about her professional career, social media, the brand’s creative process, relationships and her plans for the future. In addition, we conducted an editorial and a fashion film in which the influencer shines with total looks of Versace FW22. The cover is now available as a digital asset (NFT) here.



Highxtar (H) – A question we miss in today’s society: How are you, but for real?

Jessica (J) – Well, happy. Workwise it has been a year full of projects and work, something that makes me happy. I would like to have a little more “free time” but I value the luck I have to do what I like so no complaints.

H – Since you were 16 years old, you have been part of the fashion system. Have you noticed an evolution in the fashion world in recent years?

J – Of course, the fashion system is constantly evolving, trends come and go from the past and join the new ones. I am aware that I am within that system, but I always adapt the trend to my style and give it a “twist”.

H -You have often said that your height was an obstacle in your beginnings, what would you say to all those who said no?

J – The truth is that I don’t have much to tell them, they can see for themselves my evolution and grow.


H – The internet age has made people more insensitive. How do you deal with bad opinions?

J – I am fortunate that criticism (or at least negative criticism) affects me very little, if at all. I am in a constant spotlight and have learned to live with it. Whatever I do is going to be questioned so why bother?

H – Do you consider yourself a person addicted to social networks? Following Bella Hadid’s comment “social networks are not real” many have joined the discourse, what do you think?

J – Don’t believe everything you see on social media, honestly. I don’t usually show too much of my private life, in fact I use Instagram as a work tool, more than to show my life, but I don’t pretend to show something that I’m not or that doesn’t represent me. There is a lot of lies in networks, and you have to have a cool mind not to get lost in this “world”.

H – Many of your colleagues have left the networks in order to take care of their mental health. Have you ever considered leaving them for a while?

J – Occasionally I have thought about taking a break. Disconnect from the networks, but then I think that it’s my job. Like in any other job, you don’t have vacations every month. So I try to separate the personal from the professional (although sometimes it’s hard) and I move forward.

H – Among your 1.7 million followers are many young girls who see you as a reference. What would you say to those children who want to be like you?

J – On the one hand, I’m flattered, sometimes I’m not aware of how far a person’s influence can reach, whatever their field. But I would tell them that they have to keep their feet on the ground. That behind all this there is work (and a lot of it) and that keeping the essence of oneself is essential.

H – ¿What would happen if your Instagram went back to zero? What would Jessica Goicoechea reinvent herself with?

J – I’m a “curious ass”, so if this ends, believe me, I’ll look for an easy life. Of course, always in the world of fashion, which is what I’ve always liked.

H – You are a public figure who does not get involved in controversies, but in social networks you always give your opinion. Do you consider that people with a lot of repercussion should be a loudspeaker?

J – I hate injustice, and it’s true that I don’t usually get involved in controversies, or at least I try to. I think the good thing about the networks is that you can see the same information from different points of view. You should use this strength and this ease of expansion to fight for more causes, to give more opinions especially in the youth that is coming.

H – After the bad experience you had, were you afraid to fall in love again?

J – No, it’s not a subject that I externalize too much. But it has not been a taboo to rebuild my life.

H – In today’s society there are more and more different types of relationships. What do you think of the concept of love today?

J – It is curious how more and more each person is a world in the concept of love. New terms, new types of relationships, who am I to judge that? Love is love in all its forms. I believe in love, the good kind, the true kind, the intense kind.

H – As a result of exposing your personal life and being transparent about this matter, have you been able to help other people who were in the same situation?

J – I did not really expose it myself. I mean, I didn’t say it to the four winds, as I said, I try to keep my private life as private as possible, but I woke up one morning and half of Spain knew about it. It is a matter that right now is in the hands of the law and I can’t say much more, but obviously, if I have helped other people to take the step then something good came out of this situation.


“TI am fortunate that criticism (or at least negative criticism) does not affect me much, if at all.”

Jessica Goicoechea


H – At only 25 years old, you are the founder of two companies, Goi and Goi Cosmetics. Did the idea of setting up these businesses arise as a response to diversify your personal brand or was it a concern you had before as a fashion lover?

J – It was a personal concern, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur of my own business and related to fashion. It’s obvious that the influence of my IG account has helped GOI grow, but there is still a lot of work behind it that I definitely enjoy.  The brand has grown a lot this year and we are very happy with the progress.

H – Many influencers have created their own clothing brand and have received criticism for the lack of participation and differentiation. Do you think your brand represents 100% of your essence? What is the creative process behind each collection like?

J – There is nothing that better represents the definition of GOI than myself. Without a doubt, if you look at the brand, it is 100% a reflection of my style, of what identifies me, of the style I like. I prefer to take risks and receive criticism, but do what I like.  The creative process is one of the parts I like the most. Our small team works very hard and they capture the essence that I want to transmit in each collection. I love the creative process from making the idea material, to the shooting, to seeing the final result. For me it is a great satisfaction to see people on the street wearing our garments, or taking pictures with them. It makes me proud to know that we are doing things right.

H – You are a beautiful, successful and entrepreneurial woman, do you consider that you have everything to be happy?

J – I’m not really complaining. I could be better in many things. But we could also be worse, so no complaints. But we never stop, we have to keep working and fighting.


“Don’t believe everything you see on networks, honestly.”

Jessica Goicoechea


H – What is the last search you did on Google?

J – My last search is for flights to get away for the end of the year. (I won’t tell you where I’m going for the moment) 😉

H – ¿Have you ever searched yourself on the Internet?

J – Yes, especially when I have attended an important event. But believe me when I tell you that sometimes they have to send me the news that I’m in because I didn’t realize it.

H – What’s the weirdest thing you’ve read about yourself?

J – Hahaha if you look for more lies than truths! Since I have 200 cosmetic operations by a family surgeon since I was 7 years old, they say that I don’t talk in networks because I can’t pronounce the letter R, that I have abandoned some of my dogs… and I could go on with more chapters than Harry Potter movies.

H – What is the last YouTube video you watched?

J – Honestly, I don’t watch YouTube.

H – A song you can’t stop listening to.

J – La Fama by Rosalia and The Weekend. Although I’m a big fan of changing songs, I always listen to music all the time.

H – Are you working on any other projects you want/can share?

J – This year is ending in a big way as far as work is concerned. We are launching Goi’s Christmas collection with some amazing dresses and next year we will also start with new projects that I can’t reveal too much.




Photography: Enanei
Fashion: Alfredo Santamaría
Fashion Assistant: Alfredo Vivas
Cover: Artwork by Ángel Corral
Make Up: Venus Plastik
Hair: Sergio Serpiente
Video: Jaime Venegas & Camilo Perseo
Production: HIGHXTAR.lab.
Flowers: Alex Rochia

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