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The work is done, one of the brands with more projection in our country presents its Prêt-à-Porter, 2021. This is about codes, read and learn…

“Between the ages of 25 and 30, you find a partner, you find God
or you find the cocaine.”
El Pablo.

“And when I go down the elevator, and pass the second floor, and then the first, I realize that money doesn’t matter anymore. That the only thing that happens is that I want to see the worst”.

Less than Zero.

In Bret Easton Ellis’ Less than Zero, we see a young man returning home to Los Angeles after spending time in a detox center to reconnect with his old habits, his colleagues, his absent family and all the money in his bank account.

Vital weariness, power, excesses and defeat. The summary of contemporary life led to the excess that portrays it.

Sysiphe says…

“In this 2020 of reflection we have taken the imaginary that represents the brand and we have polished it and raised it to some timeless garments that will be coming out and we will be counting at the same time during the whole 2021. We have edited the codes and we have kept the essential and counted in a campaign that refers to our favorites of the 90s.

Mohair cardigans, oversized wool jerseys, oxford shirts, caps made in USA, chiffon dresses,… the brand advances without forgetting its local roots, the iconography of the country and its focus on the values and know-how MADE IN SPAIN”.

Birthday, drinking too much, they have left you in reading, you have to pay the quarter, you should not spend so much that then come the tears, I went to your neighborhood and no one knew you, disgust na more, hangover Monday, a year ago you said the same thing, before you read more, why do not you call anymore, will have echao girlfriend, have studied. She must have had a girlfriend, studied.”

SSPH, 2021.

Creative direction: ElPablo
Photo: Pablo Alzaga & Victor Bensusi
Art Direction: Sandra Ramiro
Talents: IMAN (Let it Go Mgmt.)
Luis Nuin
Styling asst: Claudia del Rio
Muah: Sara Ayala
Tech: Assistant Brian Paez
Sound: Las reglas del juego
Video by Jaime Venegas
Sound Design: Camilo Perseo
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Shot in Madrid, 2020.