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The new HIGHCHART., the summer one and one of the most awaited, is starring by the most acclaimed DJ of the new wave. An artist based in Berlin who has managed to make a place for herself in the most underground scene at an international level with her unique mixes. We’re talking about: Brat Star (@brat_star).

Boiler Room @ Marabú | Photo: Alba Rupérez

Boiler Room @ Marabú | Photo: Alba Rupérez

Her particular style and eclectic mixes have taken her to the top of the European circuit. In addition to the projects and parties, the Canadian DJ is now part of the squad of Yung Beef who met her at a party and was impressed with the set, invited her to play in his party Infierno – Madrid – and the rest of the story you already know.

Initiated in techno, even as a party promoter, she has gradually moved away from 125-128bpm to full-blown hip-hop or dancehall, which she sometimes mixes with the genre she dominates – techno – by creating authentic live musical masterpieces.

Brat is a rebellious artist who doesn’t understand rules, doesn’t like categories but knows a lot about music and has exquisite taste. In her sets the mix is not the focus, the performance shine for the musical selection and above all for eclecticism that make her proposals a unique musical experience. Star has arrived to stay and to give a new vision to a scene that at times seemed accommodated.

Next you have the HIGHCHART. #16 in which the DJ reveals her passion for the new wave of urban sounds.

Highchart. #16 - Curated by Brat Star-

1/ Sickboyrari - Feel My Pain
2/ Yung Beef - Xanny
3/ Young Nudy - InDaStreet
4/ Pablo Chill-E - Asueto
5/ Amber London - Lil Flip
6/ Bladee - Best Buy
7/ YVNCC - Switcheroo
8/ Kirb La Goop - Good On My Own
9/ Lil Wop - Bride of Chucky
10/ Soulja Boy - HML

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