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The artist María Sioke (@maria.sioke) lets herself be carried away by her feelings. That is why she has decided to erase her last album and start a new chapter by presenting her new single “Ruleta Rusa”.


The singer returned to the music scene in the middle of this year after a hard time in her life. At that moment, she released her first album “Karma”, with nine tracks including “Açucar” produced by Pedro LaDroga, “Cleopatra” produced by Arkade Kidd, “Mentirosa” together with El Zarrita and “Yo no me voy a morir” in collaboration with HNKT.


However, Maria no longer feels identified with the content of those songs. And what is the easiest way to solve it? Deleting the album from all platforms to reset the project.

“I wanted to talk in my lyrics about why I make music, which is what really makes me feel blessed, so that when I feel lost I can know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it”.

Now it’s back to the charge with “Ruleta Rusa”, a slow reggaeton and also a pop dance track that can come close to funk and sometimes even r&b. The production of the song comes from Pedro LaDroga and the mixing and mastering is done by Alex Ferrer from The Groove Sound. As for the visual part, Maria co-directs with Adrián Carrera and Marta Alcazar is in charge of the edit.

María Sioke, who to date has directed all her clips, surprises us with the presentation of a super catchy lyrics and a fantastical aesthetic with references from the kawaii world. And this is only the beginning of a new era that will be key for the artist.