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The Madrid-based brand, Sisyphe, is back with an FW18 collection that delves into the transition years between high school and college. A proposal that, as usual, connects the more street aesthetic with the savoir faire and the passion for the most classic designs of its designer, Pablo López (@elfuckinpablo).

Sisyphe Pre FW18

Sisyphe Pre FW18

Among best the pieces are the vintage ASICS spray-painted, as well as the T-shirt with Carhartt pocket that has been adorned with the brand name by the application of Swarovski crystals. To this we must add, the jackets, a hoodie with embroidery, accessories, a re-interpretation of archival garments and the gold-plated jewellery proposal that makes the new of the brand a solid and 360º proposal.

Sisyphe | Pre-FW18

The collection offers a unique attention to detail that, together with the strength of the concept, makes the offer one of the most interesting for the upcoming FW18.

Sisyphe (@iamsisyphe) Pre-FW18 will be available on its website from September.

Photography: Pablo Alzaga 
Styling / Art Direction: El Pablo
Photo Assistant: Ben Susi 
Styling Assistant: Eva Gatox
MUA: Pat Kulpa
Models: Louis 9000, Berta & Carlota