Hey folks! We’re excited to introduce a new section on Highxtar: Highchart. Music curated by Higxtart. team & collaborators.

¡Hola gente! Estamos muy contentos de presentaros una nueva sección en Highxtar: Highchart. Música seleccionada por el equipo de Highxtar. & colaboradores.

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Highchart. #1
1/ Club cheval - Discipline
2/ Gina Turner & Tony Quattro - Afterhours
3/ Four Tet - Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)
4/ Gold Panda - Time Eater
5/ Erasmus - Ti Ricordi Di Me (Belgica Soundtrack)
6/ Lando & Xavier - Entitled#2
7/ Baauer - Kung Fu ft. Pusha T, Future
8/ Wantigga - Stonecold ft. Sacha Vee
9/ Akito - Catching Feels
10/ Holy Ghost! - Crime Cutz
11/ Tiga - Don't Break My Heart
12/ Flume - Smoke & Retribution feat. Vince Staples & Kučka
13/ Neil Landstrumm - A Girl Is A Gun
14/ GoldFFinch - Algae
15/ Tourist - To Have You Back


HIGHCHART. #2 – Curated by Del Corral We introduce our first Highchart curated by a collaborator. This time, the Galician dj & music lover Del Corral. In this edition: Four Tet, Swindle, XXYYXX, Pusha T & More.
HIGHCHART. #3 – Curated by Jensen Interceptor Jensen Interceptor remixes and productions have been released on the most influential labels in electronic music such as Boys Noize Records, Bromance and Central Processing Unit.
HIGHCHART. #4 – Curated by Sam Tiba Sam Tiba is the responsable of our new Highchart #4. He is the mind behind hits like Up In The Clouds or Sunshine Pulse to name just a few, and also the 25% of Club Cheval.
HIGHCHART. #5 – Curated by Spank Rock This time, we have lucky to introduce the Baltimore's MC, Naeem Juwan better known as Spank Rock, who joins the Highchart's team with the following playlist.