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Ten years have gone by since Astrid Andersen (@astridandersens) launched her brand of the same name; since then, the men’s fashion scene has undergone an unrecognizable change.

Astrid Andersen FW2020

While her luxurious vision of the street could have snuck into even the biggest houses in Paris, in response, the Danish has decided to spend the last few seasons moving away from her previous street instincts, into increasingly personal territory.

Astrid was one of the first to conceive of the mix between sport-street and luxury. Today we have it internalized, but it is important to emphasize that she was one of the first to bet on this new-luxe.

Back in her London fiefdom – after presenting her collection in NY last season – the designer is relying on prints that are reminiscent of her native house. The collection is also full of references to the seventies; a kind of Woodstock full of hypebeasts. Leather, glossy textures and the classic satin.

A collection that mixes the best of the Astrid of 10 years ago with her new vision, equally positive but far from that exaggerated extravagance that so much love/hate provoked.