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For better or worse, living with the pandemic has changed our relationship with fashion forever. Confinements, time and leisure restrictions, and even accessories that have emerged in response to new needs are responsible. As a result, a series of trends have emerged that reflect how fashion has been during this 2020. We tell you which have been the 6 most powerful according to Lyst. 

If we think about 2020, we will all agree that it has been a year marked by change, uncertainty and chaos. But in order to draw more accurate conclusions —and in this case, those related to fashion— we need a lot more research. As every year, the online fashion platform Lyst has published Year in Fashion: a report that analyzes the trends, brands and highlights of the fashion world.

After gathering all the necessary information, the Lyst team detected some transformations in the sector that are worth noting. On the one hand, both clothing and accessories became new channels through which to express themselves on social and political issues. On the other hand, brands incorporated masks to their offer and the search for this product grew by 502%. Similarly, the sale of sweatpants in search of comfort shot up and more second-hand fashion was bought.

In addition, the new paradigm determined 6 macro trends that the platform has collected in its annual study. They have to do with our state of mind and we detail them below.


Tendencias 2020

The instability and uncertainty that marked the course of the year awakened the most spiritual side of fashion consumers. As a consequence, users turned to astrology and amulets to feel protected. In terms of data, searches related to “zodiac signs” or “astrological signs” grew by 56%.  The number was higher only in May, after Meghan Markle was seen wearing an evil eye necklace.


Tendencias 2020

In contrast to the restlessness from which mysticism derives, quietness and contact with nature are the key to understand this other trend. During confinement, those of us who stayed in the city dreamt of escaping to the countryside in search of freedom and fresh air. In terms of fashion, this translates into baggy clothes, cozy cardigans and puffed sleeves. In fact, in July the search for nap dresses rose to 22%.

Home life

Tendencias 2020

The next trend also seeks comfort, in this case indoors. Although we all have a friend who hasn’t given up her best clothes to be with a blanket on the couch, most of us have opted for less complicated looks. As a result, in April the searches for joggers grew 123% compared to the previous year and those for leggings, 48%.

High performance

The staying at home made many take advantage of the moment to take a break, but it also brought out the more sporty side of others. In that sense, the cyclist’s tights and tennis skirts were the most demanded garments. The search for cycling pants grew by 43%, and Nike’s pleated white Court Victory model raised the percentages for skirts to 33%.


Tendencias 2020

In the face of the almost apocalyptic scenario that was taking place all over the world, fashion acted as a lifesaver for a few. This feeling of survival was also another of the emotions reflected in the preferences of the users. That is why the search for military boots or platform boots and oversized leather jackets amounted to 49% and 32%, respectively. The same happened in the case of masks, whose sales shot up by 502%.


Tendencias 2020

In addition to baking bread, doing squats, dreaming of escaping to the country, reading the horoscope or spending the day in a tracksuit, we have also spent a lot of time on social networks. Specifically in Tik Tok, which is responsible for the anime-inspired aesthetics of e-boys and e-girls being another trend of the year. Men’s mesh t-shirts increased their sales by 20% compared to 12% for Sailor Moon style skirts. But the most sought-after were the long individual earrings, whose displays rose to 72%.


You can download the report in PDF format on their website.