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Keeping with his signature 80s-inspired streetwear classic, 93 SIERRA/CROSSES designs new pieces for his 2ND collection.


In a classic context in which wide patterns are the basis of everything, new retro-style pieces are born, such as baseball caps with a vintage fit, crocodile-skin belts or printed shirts incorporating a thousand and one motifs. It is worth mentioning that 2ND has worked in collaboration with various brands such as romu.alda -designing caps- and sample eyewear -creating sunglasses-. This has been a big step forward for 93 SIERRA/CROSSES, as they have managed to overcome new challenges by making hats, belts and glasses from scratch.

As the brand’s creative director, Oliver Iglesias, tells us, the creative process is always chaotic. Inspiration comes from his own neighbourhood, where an infinite number of styles converge, mixing working-class and business aesthetics. It’s all very picturesque. As for the design process, Oliver usually makes sketches and then shares them with his pattern maker.

“I feel that this collection is quite an important step for the brand, as we have been able to produce a lot of garments in stock, which makes them more affordable. I am also managing its distribution in various retailers,” says Oliver.



Photography: @adri.cuerdo
Photo assistant: @danielgarzee
Creative direction: @iloveyouadriansito @oliveriglesias @adri.cuerdo
Styling: @iloveyouadriansito
Styling assistant: @cloefranco
Talents: @aritzkortabarria @mendesvieiraj @sejucoeur @isabel_bellocchio_dimi
Hair: @susofercort
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