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Apple considers launching its healthcare service

There are very few things Apple hasn’t put its name to, and now the tech giant was considering creating its own healthcare service. 

Apple presenta iOS15 y abre Facetime a Android y Windows

Apple unveils iOS 15 and opens up Facetime to Android and Windows

Apple has unveiled the new operating system for iOS 15 with new enhancements, and opens up Facetime to Android and Windows.


Apple celebrates Pride with its “Pride Edition” straps

Apple is celebrating Pride with the launch of two new bands for two Apple Watch models, one of them in collaboration with Nike.

Prototipo iPhone plegable

Apple could launch its first foldable iPhone in 2023

Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple will launch an eight-inch foldable iPhone with a QHD+ OLED display in 2023.


Apple brings back its 1977 rainbow logo

Apple updates its original 1977 rainbow logo for the launch of its new iMac M1 computers.


Apple has already unveiled its new products

Apple will launch a new iMac, its thinnest model to date, AirTags, its iPhone 12 and mini version in purple and a new iPad.

Apple Music confirms it pays artists 1 cent per stream

In its latest statement to artists participating in Apple Music, the platform has revealed that it pays them a cent per stream.


Will we have Apple cars in the future?

Tim Cook dropped some hints in an interview about Apple’s future in terms of launching its self-driving cars.


Apple has patented a new design for the Apple Watch

Apple has filed a patent for a possible design for its Apple Watch. Its screen will be flexible and cover the entire wrist.

Apple could warn you if you are being tracked

Apple could include in its devices a proprietary system that warns the user of being tracked with Air Tags and Find My app.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch users will be able to unlock iPhone while wearing a face mask

Apple’s 14.5 update will allow users to unlock iPhone with Face ID despite wearing a face mask.


Apple fights against racism with this new capsule

Apple launches a new watch on the occasion of Black history month. It will be available from February 1.

Apple could introduce its first car thanks to Hyundai

It seems that the rumors are true. It is said that Apple would be starting to develop its first car.

Apple vs. Prapear: Logo Wars

The Apple company filed a lawsuit this summer against the Pre-Prepared Food Recipes app. The reason? The similarity between both logos. Judge for yourself. 

Apple may launch a new iPad mini this 2021

As we all know, rumors about the Apple company are becoming more and more frequent. The latest one: the launch of a new iPad Mini-LED at the beginning of this 2021. 

All about the new Mac and its MagSafe Duo charger from Apple

Recently, Apple announced a new list of products, including the Macbook Air with M1 chip and the MagSafe Duo charger.

The apple AirPods Pro Lite would cost 229€

According to reports, Apple is working on the third generation of its popular wireless AirPods.

Apple will repair your Iphone 11 screen for free

Apple listens to its customers’ problems again and will repair defective Iphone 11 displays for free.


Apple maximizes the AirPods

Apple launches its AirPods Max with which it expands its range of iPhone accessories. Music lovers are in luck.


Apple patents a new matte black finish

Apple could soon introduce products with a matte black finish, far from the usual space grey.

Brasil exige a Apple que incluya cargadores en el iPhone 12

Brazil requires Apple to include chargers with the iPhone 12

Apple recently launched its new iPhone 12 without a charger, which the Brazilian government has demanded be included.