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“Mixtape” by RTVE, too late?

Just a week ago, Playz de RTVE launched Playz URBANA which, as its name suggests, is a content line dedicated to music and urban culture.

Drop 1

DROP 1 by Simun Basics | Updating the classics

The designer María Simun, representative of the new generation in Spain, reinterprets the classics in her new collection ‘Drop 1’.

The thong claims its importance >>> “exposed thong”

The “exposed thong” is consolidated. Showing thong has become another of those trends that we have rescued from the aesthetics of the change of millennium.

El Bloque introduces Making Flu$: 10 Years of the New Music Scene

Making Flu$ is the work that describes the gestation, growth, consolidation and evolution of this new national music scene.


In Hightalks. Vol.7 we talked with Albany after the release of her new mixtape “Se trata de mi” to speak about her project.

Elio Toffana returns with his new album ‘Serie 5’

Elio Toffana returns with his new album, ‘Serie 5’. It is the rapper’s third album, and features collaborations with Albany and Israel B.

cara b

Cara B returns: the first festival after a year without a line-up

Cara B has created Cara B XTRA, a new concert series that highlights live music. Its lineup features underground artists.

Yung Beef announces two new mixtapes and advances two songs

Yung Beef in the middle of summer announces two new mixtapes: “Smiles” and “Tears”. And he celebrates with two hits: “Panther” and “Accept it”.

Maria Escarmiento delights us with “Another Night”

This time the artist flees from a hypnotic sound to get into the reggaeon beats she feels so comfortable in.


HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

Two days ago we were celebrating the last night of the year. A break for work and we go on. The first weekend of 2020 is also to be celebrated.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | Qué hacer en Barcelona

Fin de semana completo en la ciudad Condal. Mucha oferta en la que podrás empezar el Viernes y no volver a casa hasta el Domingo.

Robie, the new promise of new pop music, presents “¿Qué será?”

New Pop is here, new color codes and new emotions that renew the genre. Robie, the promise of urban music, presents her new single from her next EP “Qué será?”

María Simún’s fashion made in spain

María Simún is the designer and stylist who is surfing the new creative wave at an advanced level, representing the new generation, creating art and transcending through fashion in all its aspects.

El Bloque TV | The best television does not appear on TV

‘The Bloque TV’ is presented as a journalistic reference space of outreach and entertainment about urban music in Spanish.

The boom of the suburbs

We have recovered what we considered ordinary in the 2000s and we have raised it to the maximum power. We analyze the phenomenon of the triumph of the vulgar.

John Yuyi | The Temple of digital art

Artist John Yuyi explores the connection between the body and images; between the physical and the virtual. Now the skin is the screen or canvas on which she reflects the addiction to networks.

Nail art | More than aesthetics

Today it is indisputable that nail art has become more than just a technique. At this point we can say that we are talking about a new accessory.