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The new sustainable collection that Acne Studios has designed for the Fall/Winter 2021 season will be divided into two installments. 

For this new release, the Swedish fashion brand has decided to seek inspiration in the chosen family relationships, respecting tradition while focusing the spotlight on its icon Face. Photographer Roe Ethridge has been in charge of capturing and presenting the new collection to the public through his point of view. Nyokô Bokbaë and Faire, as well as Jane, Lea and Polyka – a group of environmentalists – and Meme, Nini and Tavi – a trio of artists – are the protagonists of this sustainable campaign dubbed “Face”.

The collection will be divided into two installments. The first, Basketball and Dazzle, is inspired by sports and everyday routine. This theme can be seen in the flannel garments, sweatpants, sweatshirts and T-shirts. The Face motif is also revived, reinvented through a new image of rhinestones embedded in pieces such as the varsity jacket, overshirt, bucket hat and bag,

The second installment has been named Bizzarro World Tour and Pop and is characterized by collecting pieces designed with a wide variety of materials. We find jackets, pants, T-shirts and accessories made of stone-washed cotton, metals, intarsia wool or crisp poplin. It is a potpourri of silhouettes and prints such as puffed sleeves or striped sweaters.

Basketball and Dazzle is now available at the Acne Studios online boutique; while Bizzarro World Tour and Pop will be released on July 8.

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