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Air Jordan 1 Mid, a classic of the American multinational wants to be more than just an iconic model. Its new design pays tribute to the city of Milano. A city, not only important for its textile heritage, but also for its work in building the history of Europe and the world. Its architecture reveals secrets from previous times that are preserved until today.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Milán

The sneaker brand is inspired by the architecture of the city to conceive the new image of its emblematic silhouette. Milan’s cathedral located in Piazza del Duomo, and the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie are located as the central axis of the new design. The neoclassical and gothic style of the temple meets the gothic-renaissance architecture of the abbey.

The new image of AJ 1Mid Milan is based on a soft appearance with perfectly thought-out details. The combination of grey, toasted, off-white and caramel colours highlights the handcrafted stone of both buildings. The quality materials build a shoe of real sophistication.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Milán

The ribbed leather secures the heel and toe area, which continues with a flexible grey chamois. The caramel-colored leather appears at the bottom of the buttonholes and the flaps of the shoe’s neck. The Air Jordan logo is stamped on each side. A white midsole and a toasted sole complete the model’s details.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Milan will be available from February 19th exclusively at ONE BLOCK DOWN, for a price of 120 euros.