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Musicians, technicians, bookers, actors, make-up artists, stagehands, chauffeurs and the rest of the entertainment industry demonstrated last night with the aim of “giving visibility to the alarming situation” and denouncing that they are “on the verge of collapse” because they are not being taken into account.

The show business sector demonstrated yesterday in 28 Spanish cities in order to make its reality known. The truth is that the industry has established in record time safety protocols to be able to carry out safe events and carry out their scheduled activities. However, it has been the sector most affected.

The first to close, the last to open. A study by the Music Federation estimates the sector’s losses at 660 million euros. It has been 6 months since the concert halls, theaters, discotheques, and auditoriums closed their doors. In addition, festivals, popular celebrations and a multitude of events were postponed to an uncertain 2021 that, seeing how it passes “the new normality”, is not very encouraging.

That is why the workers are demanding urgent measures from the government to “guarantee the survival of the sector. We hope it is not too late.

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