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Inspired by the graphic references of pop art and applying in precious metals a lighthearted and brilliant reinterpretation of the sound caused by the collision of two precious stones, SUOT STUDIO presents ‘Twisted Boom’

Led by Marta Tous, this new collection captures in silver and gold vermeil a visual explosion of energy that, using codes that intermingle cartoon aesthetics with sharp punk shapes, channels a creative exercise with infinite applications.

SUOT STUDIO claims the enormous modularity of its pieces which, by allowing the (almost) complete personalisation of each model, turns its design into a unique piece where you are the last link in the assembly chain.

The main objective of ‘Twisted Boom’ is to allow the wearer the freedom to experiment with their mood or look, giving them the finishing touch with a 100% customisable piece of jewellery.

Designed and manufactured in the workshops of SUOT STUDIO in Barcelona, each piece has been made with the noblest metals. Click here and don’t miss any detail.