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To celebrate the football drafts beginning later this evening, cent.ldn are launching the “first of its kind” football helmet candle.

Its design was inspired by college teams and their contributions to supporting patriots day from past years. The stars and stripes were used to create a unique and stand out design but also making unity as a nation and to ignite football fans globally for an upcoming season celebrated with national pride.

Retailing at £169 and weighing 2300g; made of coconut wax which is eco-friendly, biodegradable and vegan; including their wick with 100+ hours of burn time. Carefully selected wicks are used to tunnel burn, ensuring the detail of the candle is kept in place. Each candle is hand-poured and crafted in London by their team to ensure a luxury and highly detailed finish.

The CENT.LND FOOTBALL HELMET CANDLE will be available to shop exclusively via cent.ldn website.

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