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Apple could include in its devices a system that warns you that you are being tracked. The new homegrown tracking tool will be used with AirTags and Find My app.

Apple’s ‘Find My’ application, which allows locating lost objects, such as the iPhone, could expand its functions.  The new update could alert the user when it detects that a third party object is tracking it.

The new ‘AirTags’ are objects that can accompany your most prized or most easily lost possessions. In other words, with these tags, finding our objects directly would be a piece of cake. But this could be a double-edged sword. Anyone who puts a tracking tag on your objects or yourself could know where you are. But that’s not what the brand wants, Apple wants to prevent you from being tracked.

The tech company’s idea is that if we have an unknown AirTag with us, or near us continuously, it will warn us about it and we can detect it so they can’t track our movements with it. Apple knows that this can become a tracker to use and wants to prevent that from happening.

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