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Apple has just unveiled the redesign of its smartwatch through the filing of a patent that describes what its next model could look like. What we know is that the screen is flexible, wraparound and extends to the strap.

The California company has just filed “Display Module and System Applications”, a patent that refers to the future look of its Apple Watch. The document in question shows a version of the smartwatch characterized by a flexible display that seems to adapt to the body and could occupy the entire wrist.

This shape-shifting is made possible by the device having a flexible OLED display that takes shape through multiple connections. Similarly, Apple has confirmed that the bezel of the watch will be reduced to around 4-5 mm or could even be eliminated if it does not fit in aesthetic terms. As for the strap, it will still be customizable, only this time it will be possible to perform this function through the watch’s own preferences.

The patent filing is not necessarily a confirmation of the development of a new model. These documents can serve as a reference to show where the company is heading, but they should not be interpreted literally. We’ll have to wait and see if it becomes a reality….

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