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The British firm Aries announces a new partnership with New Balance. The capsule includes a new iteration of the 327 model with reminiscences of the 90s. For the launch, they have also counted on the photographer David Sims who has captured the take-off, literally, of the new drop.

Aries x New Balance

Aries x New Balance 327 is a new version of the classic running shoe inspired by the 1990s. Designed in leather, the silhouette comes in two different colourways: black and white. The monochromatic upper contrasts with reflective elements and red details on the laces, heel and side. The capsule also features a number of sportswear items. This includes a full track suit in silver nylon, as well as T-shirts and socks with the “Unbalanced” label.

“Possibly one of the most fun collaborations to date, I got to design my dream shoe, glue it to a rocket and watch it fly 60 feet into the air,” said Aries founder Sofia Prantera in a statement. “Amazingly the sample withstood about 10 explosions while filming and it’s still intact.”

You have read well. For the launch they simulated a rocket take-off. They literally attached a propellant to the shoe and it flew through the air surrounded by coloured lights. British photographer David Sims (@davidsimsofficial) was in charge of capturing the moment.

Aries x New Balance will be launched on the Aries website on October 30. In the meantime, check out the latest collaborations of New Balance here.