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London-based streetwear brand Aries is gearing up for the autumn/winter season with an unexpectedly inspired collection. Satanic Panic’ embraces mysticism and plays with hybridisation while bringing back tailoring.

For this new season, Aries has kept its iconic garments – increasingly perfected – such as hoodies and sweatshirts, jackets and sweatpants. But the brand wanted to go one step further, elevating its designs to a wilder state. We can appreciate this proposal in some garments such as those that include technical and handmade designs; where handmade tailoring is mixed with materials such as nylon. We can also find fleece linings made from remnants of works of art that incorporate avant-garde details.

In ‘Satanic Panic’, elements that symbolise fertility are especially prominent, as well as snakes and runes. Animal print and tie dye are also very present. In addition, several total looks in denim and quilted fabrics have been included. To complete the capsule, the London brand has designed a series of accessories including reinvented football scarves.

We recommend you take a look at the gallery below to see all the garments and not miss a single detail:


Aries’ ‘Satanic Panic’ will go on sale tomorrow via the brand’s website and at selected retailers.