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SONAR is not bad in itself, but if you add to that an experience like the one ASICSTIGER developed INSIDE the festival on Friday, the afternoon becomes epic.

At the entrance leading to the SONAR HALL – an interior stage – the ASICSTIGER lights shone in the distance, inviting the senses to come and see what was happening.


© Javier Bravo

What happened was that on the occasion of the relaunch of the GEL SAGA OG the Japanese brand set out to move us – even if only for a while – to a world where post-arcade culture, gaming and the digital essence of the Japanese country soaked everything up: machines to play with, a unique photo booth and, above all, lot of fun.

© Javier Bravo

A meeting of generations and people from all walks of life that ASICSTIGER (@asicstiger) managed to connect under one narrative thread: the GEL SAGA.