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C TANGANA | The construction of an IDOL

From how a neighborhood kid has turned underground into mainstream, and himself into a fashion icon. We analyze the figure of Antón from Crema to the last update of C. Tangana.

Tennis connects with streetwear

The infinite connection between sports culture and the z generation in the streetwear scene begins a 2019 in which tennis becomes the new inspirational reference.

When will the plus size be fully integrated into the fashion industry?

In a world where our beauty references are Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner the industry of the fashion refuses to make visible another body beyond 90 – 60 – 90. Or yes, but it is insufficient.

Is the streetwear bubble about to burst?

We reflect on the rise of streetwear and how the cycle could be closing and coming to an end as well as the bitcoin or trap that are in maximum alert.

Salehe Bembury >>> The iconic sneaker designer

In a new era in which sneakerheads are vibrating more than ever, Salehe Bembury arrives to inject new proposals into the industry.

All that you need to know about fur free movement

Fashion as a mirror of society has now seen the awakening of global consciousness through the anti-fur or fur free movement in which firms say ‘no’ to the use of fur and animal abuse.

Understanding the Lo Life movement | Love & Loyalty

In the bronx of the 80’s the brand Polo Ralph Lauren reached ecstasy. Thus a new religion was born that connected hip hop with fashion, venerated by the freshest ghetto.

We talk W/ Virgen María about her first EP

Virgen María is here to bless us once again. This time she is doing it to present her first EP in European exclusivity. She will do it in Valle Eléctrico tomorrow, October 4th.

We talk W/ Javier de la Blanca

Javier de la Blanca is a mirror in which to see art without limits, gender activism, creative provocation or fashion reflected from an anti-aesthetic and eccentric focus full of emotions.

We talk W/ ATICA FOREVER | Pablo® breaks the boundaries between real and virtual

We talked with ATICA FOREVER who introduced us to Pablo ® who has come to break the limits of matter and our perception, activating all the senses towards a parallel reality.

Zilver | An eclectic and sustainable brand

Pedro Lourenço presented Zilver’s first SS19 collection at London Fashion Week: an eclectic and sustainable brand that has arrived to agitate the industry.

Aaliyah Rosales | The internet’s muse

Aaliyah Rosales: always free, without labels, without gender and with an experimental personality that reinvents herself on the basis of folklore and the contemporary on the Internet.

Claudia Maté | The real net artist

Claudia Maté, the digital artist who takes net art to another dimension through render, 3D, sounds and GIFS. *floating mood*

Tie-Dye | The hypest trend of 2018

Beyond neon and beige as the colors that have dyed the fashion drops this 2018, the Tie-Dye has climbed the hype like never before.

Kito Muñoz | Shots of love, art and eroticism

Kito Muñoz is part of the Madrid neo-movida that is shaking the country, which is generating a new visual, artistic and transgressive impact in the last years of ultradigital life.

We talk W/ Brays Efe

We interviewed Brays Efe, the new actor 360, who is the focus of the scene, and of a performance that has crossed borders with Paquita Salas.

Dapper Dan x Gucci | A Love Story

The iconic tailor returns 25 years later with Gucci to close the cycle of fashion he started: the luxury streetwear cycle.

Lil Miquela | The Virtual ‘Raxet’

Lil Miquela is the virtual it girl configured through photography and rendering, ‘raxet’ codes and updated software in a futuristic version.

All about the new Gosha Rubchinskiy

In the context of MBFW Tbilisi, Gosha made a speech in which he spoke -for the first time- about the new Rubckinskiy and the steps that will guide its present and future.

Maria Ke Fisherman SS19 | Deconstruction in Caleido

The Japanese exploitation of the 70s, the anime of the 80s and the digital culture of the 90s, in fusion with the rave culture, were the main references of Maria Ke Fisherman’s SS19 proposal.

SHOOP Clothing SS19 | Sporty feelings

The connection between exercise and feelings in postmodern life becomes the reflection of Shoop Clothing’s new 19′ spring-summer collection