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Has Balenciaga taken “bootleg couture” too far?

The latest collaboration between Balenciaga and adidas has generated controversy. Has the luxury house taken bootleg couture too far?

The emerging marriage between weddings and luxury brands

The marriage of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker paired with D&G seems to have ushered us into the era of branded weddings.

How “buy now, pay later” is accelerating fast fashion

In times of hyper-consumerism, suppliers such as Klarna are providing new services based on “buy now, pay later”.

The return of eternal youth

Nostalgia is projected into the heart of an era in which childish aesthetics once again invoke the subcutures of the 90s and 2000s.

Whimsigothic: the new aesthetic trend of modern witchcraft

Wiccan culture goes viral on TikTok through the hastag #whimsigothic which has already bewitched more than ten thousand people.

The Saint Laurent revolution by Anthony Vaccarello

Francesca Bellettini explains how, together with designer Anthony Vaccarello, she has turned Saint Laurent into a $3 billion powerhouse.

The uniform as fashion’s favorite college experiment

Fashion enters high school classrooms to extract its aesthetics and update all its archetypes on the catwalk.

The “quantified self” in the age of productivity

We record everything we do, translating it into digital data. Have we become slaves to self-control?

Hyperphysical stores as the new retail temples

The hyperphysical store becomes the current temple of fashion for those who wish to live sensory experiences beyond shopping.

How the beauty of nudity is projected in fashion

Through the interpretation of Y/Project, Tom Ford or Loewe the nude has become fashion’s favorite optical illusion.

Savage X Fenty “Nothin’ But Net”: all to transparency

Savage X Fenty now invites us to get naked with the new diaphanous lingerie pieces framed in the “Nothin’ But Net” collection.

The iconic return of MadeMe and its riot girls

After two years of silence and inactivity, New York streetwear brand MadeMe and its riot girls are once again making noise in fashion.

How to detect greenwashing in fashion?

There are a number of telltale signs and/or red flags to detect greenwashing in fashion. We tell you which ones.

The lab as the fashion atelier of the future

Lab-grown clothing looms as the great experimental design practice with which to weave the future of fashion.

These are the songs you should add to your sex playlist

Intensifying pleasure has never been easier with these seven tracks to add to your sexual playlist. Take note.

Apple Airpods Max are already the new fashion obsession

Apple Airpods Max have become the new favorite fashion accessory thanks to Tiktok and style references like Bella Hadid.

Graphic tights are the Y2K of the moment

Graphic and/or colorful 2000’s tights are back to star and inject eccentricity and vibration into the mid-season looks.

Digital creatives who are transforming fashion

The unison movement of brands into the virtual world requires a new generation of digital artisans who are transforming fashion.

The androgynous tie as a new viral accessory

During these last few fashion weeks for SS22, if we have been able to spot one viral accessory, it has been the androgynous cut tie.

The feed’s evolution: from absolute aestheticism to the virtual diary

The social feed has gone from being characterized by absolute aestheticization to being a personal diary of our lives.

The business of fashion in (and out) of Coachella

Coachella returns after two years, kicking off the festival season and the fashion business that sorrounds it.