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Weekday has partnered with Zliide, a technology company that has developed a revolutionary shopping app. This improves the way we shop by saving energy and time.

Weekday Zliide

Efficiency and compatibility are key factors in today’s shopping experience, which is why Weekday has partnered with Zliide; a technology company that has developed a revolutionary retail shopping app that will improve the way we shop. Just like the apps through which we order food, users can browse the updated inventory in their local Weekday store and simply place their order and receive it within three hours, at no extra cost. The customer can also use the app and buy directly from the store using the self-pay option.

Zliide‘s aim is to relieve the stress of being in busy stores and save time by avoiding long queues. In addition, choosing the home delivery service is an environmentally friendly option; as long trips from stores are eliminated and replaced mainly by Zliide‘s own bicycle couriers.

Weekday is excited to work with this innovative start-up in the Danish market and discover the possibilities this technology can bring; along with the pros it will also provide to customers.

“We are very excited to launch this partnership with a new company as part of our ongoing effort to improve the shopping experience in Weekday stores. At the same time, we ensure that our customers’ needs for seamless shopping within the digital age are met.” says Mattias Eriksson, director of growth and business development at the Danish brand.

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