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Balenciaga presents us with a pre-fall 2019 in which dynamic shapes and colour blocks are the priority, as shown by the brand’s extensive lookbook for the autumn of 2019.

Balenciaga Pre Fall 2019 >>> True to its ethos

Balenciaga’s offering has demonstrated the ability of Gvasalia and its team to stay ahead of the current trend boom, staying one step ahead of volatile trends by sticking to the firm’s distinctive design ethos.

In this pre-fall the slouchy forms with precise silhouettes come together with boxy jackets that have a tight waist and a label on the shoulder that says: BALENCIAGA. The denim coexist with the checked trousers while the thick layers prepare us for a cold winter.  A very present proposal and very 2020 at the same time.

Balenciaga Pre Fall 2019

The Balenciaga collection is now available on its website and through selected retailers such as SSENSE.