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Bianca Saunders(@biancasaunders) takes us back to her Caribbean origins in her FW23 through a costumbrista stamp. In a corner, a small bar with a blue counter is the meeting place for the models, who sit from time to time to chat and have a glass of whiskey. Jamaican music, laughter? welcome to Saunders’ playground.

Mention ‘Oliver at Large’ to someone raised in a Jamaican household and a knowing chuckle is likely to escape. And Bianca Saunders knows this for a fact, which is why her collection pays homage to the sitcom by reproducing the dialogue of several sketches as the models walk down the runway.

In this familiar atmosphere, Bianca Saunders’ proposal also comes down to ordinary life. Her everyday garments are revealed, contrary to what might seem, as anything but ordinary. Artistically manipulated through twisted lines, prints and subtly strange proportions, the pieces are dressed up with playful nuances.

This is the first time that the designer, who until now has limited herself to redefining the codes of men’s wear, presents women’s pieces. Also noteworthy is the departure that is becoming more and more noticeable each season from the most absolute tailoring to free the silhouette with less rigid pieces.

Bianca Saunders FW23 also presents a second capsule of pieces from the collaboration with Ecco, leather experts, as part of AT-Kollektive. The capsule between the designer and the leather masters includes shoes, tented bags and a selection of key pieces from the collection that embody the brand’s subtly irreverent spirit.

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