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On Saturday, January 2, the crypto currency has exceeded 24 thousand euros, marking the absolute record of a trip that began last October, when Paypal launched a service to buy through the crypto currency.

A currency that we have seen born and grow. It’s incredible to think that during February 2011 and April 2011 the Bitcoin was worth 1$/1€ If you’d spent $20 on Bitcoins at that time, you’d have $480,000 today. An opportunity that only a few knew how to take advantage of… Obviously, we wouldn’t – we wouldn’t be writing XD

(2 January) – 1 BITCOIN = 24.000€

Part of Bitcoin’s appeal is due to its total independence from any financial institution, which has allowed the currency to experience huge variations in value over the years. For example, at the beginning of 2017 it was worth less than $1,000, while by the end of the same year it had reached a value of $20,000.

An example is 50 Cent. The American rapper in 2014 gave his fans the opportunity to pay for his album Animal Ambition. What was initially “only” $400,000 has become over the years $8 million. A great example of the variable value of the cryptomoney.