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Boston Dyanamics continues to take its humanoid robots to another level. Determined to create the definitive robots, and for better or worse to replace us in the future, BD has presented another evidence that every time that revolution is nearer.

Atlas by Boston Dyanamics

After seeing some time ago their Atlas robot performing quite complicated moves, this last video shows us the robot at another level. With precise and really “human” movements it even gets to scare.

The robot of 80 kilos and a height of 1.5 meters, uses its 28 joints for the parkour test that Boston Dyanamics has designed. Impressively the robot overcomes a tree trunk, and then, without slowing down, it overcomes obstacles of 40cm in height.

The future is more present than ever and Boston Dyanamics is very clear that they want to be the first to make it tangible. This new video appears a few weeks after AIST Robotics published images of its humanoid robot HRP-5P installing gypsum panels.

Tomorrow is here and we’re still having a hard time assimilating it.