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Italy. A culture rooted in its bottegas.

‘Bottega’ translated in essence means ‘workshop’ – a small business where products are made in a traditional way and special attention is paid to top quality craftsmanship and creativity.

As one of the most recognised bottegas in the world, Bottega Veneta is committed to supporting other bottegas around the world. For the second year in a row, the Italian house is giving its global visibility to fourteen bottegas.

Last year, the house directed by Matthieu Blazy presented exclusively Italian bottegas. This year, the project expands to other workshops around the world with products inspired by Italian culture and ranging from an artisan workshop located in Shanghai to a carpentry shop in a small town in Vermont.

This December, Bottega Veneta‘s website, advertising space, newsletter, window displays and Bergford Goodman displays in New York will pay homage to bottegas and celebrate the Italian lifestyle.

AtelierGK Florencia (JAPAN)
Azienda Agricola Sciara (ITALIA)
Dal Cuore (China)
Franca NYC (USA)
Je&Jo Pasta (China)
Less Panettone (JAPAN)
Levain Bakery (China)
Prince (JAPAN)
Rockledge Farm Woodworks (USA)
Settepani Baker (USA)
Westwind Orchard (USA)
Xiangyu Olive DevelopmenT (China)
Yoshiaka Imamura (JAPAN)
Yoshida Dairy Farm (JAPAN)