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Burberry joins the production of masks with the reinvention of a classic. These new antimicrobial masks come in two colors in a Vintage Checks print. Opportunistic or not, they are presented as the new definitive weapon against the coronavirus. For those who can afford them, of course. 

Welcome to the age of opportunity. As you may have noticed, most of the global market has joined the production and sale of masks. Now Burberry has just announced the launch of two new models to combat the coronavirus.

Presented in two colors: “Archive Beige” and “Pale Blue“, the Vintage Checks masks combine trend and protection. Both models are manufactured with the latest antimicrobial technology, offering high efficiency in particle filtration. It is worth mentioning that part of the profits from each sale will be donated to the COVID-19 Community Fund.

Both models are already available on the Burberry website at a price of £ 90 GBP. Run! Don’t miss out on this must have.