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CAN, Contemporary Art Now, the art fair that is turning Ibiza into the artistic and cultural epicentre of the summer, is here. It will be open to the public until Sunday 17th July.


This first edition of Can Art Fair will bring 37 of the most important international galleries to the island. 7 from the USA, 4 from South Korea, 4 from Belgium, 3 from the UK, 3 from France, 6 from Spain and many more from other markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Lebanon and Greece.

In the words of Sergio Sancho, founder of CAN and UVNT Art Fair (Urvanity), “Ibiza is the best place in the world to hold this fair”. This project was created with the idea of turning Ibiza into a cultural reference point. Crucial to this is the role of the curator, Croatian art critic Sasha Bogojev, who, by selecting the galleries and choosing the participating artists, turns the fair into a museum exhibition.

The fair will be held at the fairgrounds (FECOEV), on the outskirts of Dalt Vila, with a careful architectural design where spaciousness and natural light will play a leading role. This meeting in July promises art and plenty of sunshine – the fair will be open only in the afternoons – but also unique experiences with a programme of parallel events, private visits to institutions and collections and evenings of music until dawn.

“We want to create connections, to become a relaxed meeting place. Ibiza has traditionally been a haven for artists and creators. In the sixties, there was the ‘Ibiza 59 Group’ and there is a good range of local galleries,” says Sancho. “Our aim is to strengthen the alliances between international and national galleries. So that artists from here can enter the international circuit and artists from abroad can become better known in our country.”