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We review some of the most exotic corners of Casa Orgánica, the architectural masterpiece designed by Javier Senosiain and located in Naucalpan, Mexico City.

Built on a spherical base, Senosiain was inspired by the galaxy and the shape of our planet to create Casa Orgánica. The decision to give the residence the shape of a cave is due to the artist’s desire not to break into nature abruptly and thus blend his work into its surroundings.

Seen from the outside, the façade stands out from the landscape to show its green, blue and orange colour scheme. The cavities are repeated along its entire length and show the interior of Casa Orgánica through panels and round windows. Thanks to this and its unique location, visitors can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of the city.

From a living point of view, we find exclusive furniture made up of works by different artists. The serpentine sofa and the golden hand chair, the work of Mexican artist Pedro Friedberg, stand out. The floating swing that flies over the room does not go unnoticed either.

The shelves, in keeping with the rest of the house, follow the same rounded shape to maintain the visual rhythm. Taking advantage of the cavities of Casa Orgánica, a new living room has been created with a curved brown leather sofa and every corner has been used.

As a bonus track, a slide has also been designed to allow residents to effortlessly descend from the top of the building to the garden area.

If you’re in Mexico City, you can’t leave without making a stop at Casa Orgánica. Visits last one hour and you must make your reservation 45 days in advance. You can find all the information by clicking here.