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The makeup of the future? The looks of Animegvrl

Crossing the line between the physical and digital world, Animegvrl’s looks go beyond stereotypical beauty conventions.

With this make-up base your skin will look more hydrated

NARS’ hybrid foundation and skincare foundation is formulated with 70% skincare ingredients.

This is the haircut that’s a hit in Korea and now on TikTok

If you need to add volume to your hair, the popular “Air Cut” that is a big hit at TIkTok is just what you need.

This is the best-selling powder foundation

Clean beauty’s best-selling powder foundation that minimises the appearance of pores and gives you radiance is bareMinerals.

11 tips for healthy, shiny hair

We always thought that washing was just a matter of applying shampoo and conditioner, but we were wrong. Here are the tips you need.

How to get a facelift at home

Here are some tips on how to give yourself a facelift at home because you can work wonders with make-up.

Oval-lining’: TikTok’s trick for full lips

TikTok once again reveals a beauty trick called ‘Oval-lining’ to add volume to your lips without having to resort to fillers.

Acids for skin care guide

With this guide we would like to summarise the most common acids, their properties and precautions for use. 

The new beauty treatment: hyaluronic acid for the hair

Hyaluronic acid treatment for hair has become one of the most demanded treatments due to the benefits it provides.

Tips to get your skin under control this holiday season

From the Highxtar. team we help you to make your skin look its best with these tips to have your make-up on point.

OPI launches its first vegan false nails

Salon brand OPI has launched its first vegan false nails to save you from those moments of panic before you leave the house.

Kilian Paris’ most iconic fragrances return this autumn

Sacred Wood and Rose Oud, two of Kilian Paris’ most iconic and sought-after fragrances, return for the autumn season.

The ‘wolf cut’ is this season’s haircut of the season

After having reigned the ‘mullet’, now the haircut that all the celebrities are wearing and invading the social networks is the ‘wolf cut’.

Elon Musk has launched a perfume that smells of burning hair

The latest random news from the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, is that he is launching a perfume called Burnt Hair.

The new autumn beauty trend: shaved eyebrows

Shaved eyebrows is the trend that artists such as Madonna or Amelia Gray are currently practising and that we have seen on the catwalks.

M·A·C presents its new Christmas collection

M·A·C presents its new Christmas collection which arrives this year more spectacular than ever with bright shades and brand new products. 

Skin cycling: the dermatologist-approved beauty trend from TikTok

Dr. Whitney Bowe has gone from her dermatology practice to creating a cosmetic movement that’s triumphing on TikTok.

Balmain enters the beauty universe with Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder has signed an agreement with luxury fashion house Balmain to develop, produce and distribute Balmain Beauty.

New TikTok beauty trend: Anti-mascara

Have you ever heard of the Anti-Mascara phenomenon? TikTok is full of videos following this new make-up trend.

Baby Bang: the cut that curly tresses will want

If there’s one haircut that has become fashionable in recent months for curly hair, it’s the baby bang. We tell you all the details.

Indispensables for a #GrungeGlam look

GrungeGlam is here to conquer the autumn 2023 season. We tell you the essentials to get this casual and casual look.