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You can now visit Kurt Cobain’s childhood home

If you’re a fan of rock legend Kurt Cobain, the place where he spent his childhood and teenage years will be open to the public for tours.

Frank Ocean will headline Coachella 2023

Frank Ocean will headline the 2023 edition of the American Indian festival Coachella in Palm Springs. Find out all the details.

Malice at the Palace

A documentary on ‘Malice at the Palace’ lands on Netflix

Netflix presents the docuseries UNTOLD Vol. 1, which will revolve around sporting events such as the NBA brawl “Malice at the Palace.”

The Alexander Mcqueen Foundation will help emerging designers

Designer Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation offers studio and creative spaces for emerging designers with limited resources.

Official trailer and release date for ‘House of Gucci’ now available

Finally we have a release date and official trailer for ‘House of Gucci’, a film directed by Ridley Scott to be released on November 24. 

It’s time to leave Lolita

When I think of Lolita, I think of a landscape of overwhelming warmth, with hints of citrus and, above all, overflowing sexuality.

Discover the collection of the exhibition Sneakers Unboxed

Places+Faces, StockX and the Design Museum are launching a collection to celebrate the exhibition “Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street”.

How they connect to the Internet in Cuba to avoid censorship

Cuba is full of anti-regime demonstrations and with that comes online censorship, but how have they continued to show what is going on?

Sónar Barcelona 2022 adds 27 new performances

Get ready to dance from 16-18 June next year Sónar Barcelona 2022 has announced 27 new artists to the line-up.

Kanye West announces the date of his next album

Kanye West announces the date of his tenth album, during the NBA Finals through a video campaign. Find out the date here.

The MTV series “Cribs” is back after 20 years

Mtv “Cribs” returns to our screens after 20 years to broadcast the “reebot” of the American series. Read more and find out all the details.

Italy pays $33,000 to young people who want to live there

Are you young and want to live in Italy? You are in luck. The Calabria region is offering $33,000 to those who want to revitalise it.

Overnight stay at the Palace of Versailles now possible

The opening of Le Grand Contrôle Airelles Château de Versailles, within the grounds of the Palace of Versailles itself, is the best example.

UK prohíbe hervir langostas vivas

It will be illegal to boil live lobsters in the UK

The UK joins other countries such as New Zealand, Norway and Sweden in banning the boiling alive of lobsters.

HIGHSHOUT. 3 – Fendi Sofía

In the third HIGHSHOUT. we approached the young podcaster Fendi Sofia to know in depth her proposal and her perspectives on life.

Quentin Tarantino acquires Los Angeles’ Vista Theatre

Tarantino has purchased the iconic Vista Theatre in Los Angeles and says it will offer a unique, traditional moviegoing experience.

There is still much to do…

The history of LGBT+ advocacy is the search for safe spaces in which to exist with a full and non-violent identity.


We talk w/ Samantha Hudson, star of Absolut’s Pride 2021 campaign

We interviewed the artist Samantha Hudson, the star of Absolut’s new campaign that focuses on claiming LGTBIQ+ rights. Happy Pride!

Telfar becomes Liberia’s Olympic sponsor

Fashion and sport come together once again for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. The designer Telfar Clemens will be in charge of dressing the country of Liberia during the competition.

The Flash: Images of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne leak out

Ha llegado el momento que todos estábamos esperando. El actor Michael Keaton se ha dejado ver durante el rodaje de ‘The Flash’. Ahora conocemos en primicia que Bruce Wayne aparecerá más apuesta que nunca. 

NASA planea visitar la cara oculta de la luna

NASA is planning to visit the dark side of the Moon

With the idea of advancing our understanding of Earth’s closest neighbour, NASA is planning a mission to the far side of the Moon.