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Why isn’t Kris Jenner sad about the end of KUWTK?

“When we started, there was no Instagram or Snapchat or any other such platform. The world has changed,” says Kris Jenner.

Transform your iPhone’s home screen into Nike sneakers

Sneaker enthusiasts can pay tribute to Nike’s Air Max 90 with Illustrator  Jeremy Booth’s custom icon package, compatible with the Apple iOS 14.

Google will guess with its new function which song you are humming

Google has announced a new feature that can help you discover the song you have in your head humming.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet and Kid Cudi will participate in the new Netflix comedy

It seems that the musicians are also joining a cast of stars that will be in the new Netflix film.

Mac & Cheese releases its own table game

The Kraft Heinz company has launched a series of games for its customers to play “with their food”.

Chiara Ferragni, the most famous influencer in the world, wants to go on the stock market

The millionaire business of talents or influencers moves a whopping 6.8 billion euros a year. But everything could change if Chiara Ferragni goes to the stock market.

Facebook Messenger imitates Instagram and changes its appearance

Taking advantage of Facebook’s recent update to Instagram DMs, the platform has introduced a new look to Messenger.

YouTube enables direct purchase of products from videos

YouTube will become the next website to introduce a direct shopping feature on the platform.

Apple changes the emoji of the mask for a smiling version after the complaints

It seems that the pandemic has forced us to use the emoji of the mask and the complaints of the users have not been long in coming.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart will play Lady Di

Kristen Stewart is preparing to take on the role of the village princess in the biopic under Pablo Larrain.

Facebook launches #BuyBlack Friday to support black owned businesses

Facebook has announced that it will help small businesses around the world. The launch of the initiative is “#BuyBlack Friday” in the U.S.

Kim tells the details of how Kanye passed COVID-19

In July, Kanye West recounted that he had passed COVID-19 in an interview in Forbes. Now Kim Kardashian West details how it went.


Rihanna apologizes for offending Muslims in her last show

Rihanna also apologized for using the song, characterizing the failure as an “honest but careless mistake.


BLACKPINK releases its documentary on Netflix

Now Netflix has partnered with YG Entertainment to create the documentary entitled “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky”.

Gossip Girl: Model and skater Evan Mock joins HBO Max reboot

HBO Max has announced a new addition to the cast of its restart of Gossip Girl. Model skater Evan Mock will join the series as a regular.

Pornhub launches the “It’s not my job” campaign to introduce its new line of toys

Continuing with its face washing, Pornhub has developed a new line of toys to complete the experience.

How to change the Instagram icon with your 10th anniversary secret menu

Instagram is having an anniversary. To celebrate its tenth birthday, the app allows you to change its icon with different versions.


Instagram launches new features to customize DMs

Fulfilling the promise of merging the Messenger application with Instagram’s DMs, new features are added.

Influencers who rent a set to take pictures on a fake private jet

In the era of social networks, it is inevitable that we have all seen influencers showing their own “planes”…

Wikipedia redesigns its website for the first time in 10 years

Wikipedia will have a major redesign of its website for the first time in a decade, almost half of its digital life.

iOS 14

Why doesn’t “picture-in-picture” work for YouTube in iOS 14?

Parece que la nueva función “picture-in-picture” de iOS 14 no funciona con YouTube, a menos que hayas pagado por su servicio premium.