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All the details about the “Friends” reunion

The “Friends” reunion is a reality. The actors are back together to film the unscripted special for HBO Max.

NBA aims to return to normality for 2021-2022 season

The NBA is aiming for fans to be able to fill the stadiums again during the 2021-2022 season thanks to COVID-19 testing and vaccines.

The life of Kanye West comes to Netflix

Netflix would have bought the documentary series that chronicles the life of rapper Kanye West during his more than 20 years of career.

Kim Kardashian is officially a billionaire

Kim Kardashian has just made the acclaimed Forbes list thanks to her cosmetics line KKW Beauty and clothing brand SKIMS.

Yahoo! Respuestas cierra tras 16 años

Yahoo! Answers forum closes after 16 years

Yahoo! Answers closes after 16 years of life. The question and answer platform will remain active until 4 May.

YouTube removes dislike counter

The platform is testing a new design to promote the well-being of creators. It will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Amazon could open a clearance outlet

Amazon had already explored the idea of opening a discount store to sell surplus stock from its warehouses, Bloomberg reports.

Ciencia ficción

This may sound like science fiction, but it’s not

Black holes are increasingly moving away from the frontiers of science fiction to be based on real studies, M87 is the proof.

Are you able to get rid of your mobile for 24 hours? You have a prize

A new online challenge has gone viral, rewarding $2,400 USD to anyone who spends 24 hours away from their mobile phone. Are you up for it? 

Nike sues MSCHF over the Lil Nas x Air Max 97 ‘Satan Shoes’

The MSCHF x Lil Nas version of the Air Max 97 ‘Satan Shoes’ is embroiled in controversy following a complaint by Nike.


Are we alone in the universe? NASA is getting closer to answering the question

NASA has reported that the TESS satellite has just detected at least 2,200 exoplanets of which hundreds could be Earth-like.


The violent face of dating apps

La deshumanización de las redes sociales, sobre todo en las apps para ligar, lleva en muchas ocasiones a situaciones de violencia extrema.

This is the photo of Tupac to be auctioned as NFT

A photo of Tupac Shakur taken days before his death is being auctioned as NFT with a starting value of $1 million.

Miley Cyrus makes up with Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus decided to write a beautiful letter in which she thanks the Hannah Montana character for everything she has experienced since the premiere of the series.

Burberry x Honor of Kings: towards more gamer fashion

Burberry designs two exclusive skins for the protagonist of Honor of Kings. The designs are inspired by the brand’s signature codes.

Kaia Gerber

American Horror Story signs supermodel Kaia Gerber

American model Kaia Gerber has signed on to FOX’s horror series American Horror Story to join the cast for season ten.

Clubhouse announces coming soon to Android devices

Paul Davison, the co-founder of the social app Clubhouse, has confirmed that it will be available on Android devices in “a couple of months”.


Aries: everything you need to know about this zodiac sign

We give you a summary of the characteristics, compatibilities and predictions of the sign of Aries, whose season begins with the spring equinox.

NASA x LEGO Discovery Kit

NASA and LEGO create a Space Shuttle Discovery kit

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and LEGO present a kit to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle flight.


GoT, the goose that lays HBO’s golden eggs

HBO is already preparing three new series from the Game of Thrones universe before the premiere of House of Dragon in 2022.

Jay-Z and Beyonce may have bought Biggie’s iconic crown

Beyonce ‘s daughter posed with her grammy award and the crown identical to biggie’s on Instagram after she had just won the award.