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HIGHTALKS. VOL.10 – Recycled J

In this HIGHTALKS number 10 we join  el niño bueno de los Hijos de la Ruina” – Jorge Escorial – AKA Recycled J. One of the artists with more projection of our country.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.9 – Bon Calso

In this HIGHTALKS VOL. 9 we are accompanied by Bon Calso, the artist from Madrid who is doing it big right now and one of the great national promises.

We talk w/ Misato Studio: benchmarks in 3D design

We interviewed Misato Studio, one of the biggest names in visual culture who have distorted the global creative scene of three-dimensional.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.8 – Natalia Lacunza

In today’s HIGHTALKS we travel to Romeo’s Motel & Dinner in Ibiza with one of our favorite artists: Natalia Lacunza. We talk about present and future.

HIGHSHOUT. 3 – Fendi Sofía

In the third HIGHSHOUT. we approached the young podcaster Fendi Sofia to know in depth her proposal and her perspectives on life.


We talk w/ Samantha Hudson, star of Absolut’s Pride 2021 campaign

We interviewed the artist Samantha Hudson, the star of Absolut’s new campaign that focuses on claiming LGTBIQ+ rights. Happy Pride!

Talking w/ Carolina Lindberg

We talked to Carolina Lindberg, the Spanish artist and designer based in London who has illustrated the latest album by Miguel

We talk w/ Luna Ki, the future of pop

WE SPEAK WITH LUNA KI, THE FUTURE OF POP at one of the most prolific moments of her career, just before the release of her debut album.


We talk W/ Recycled J the “good boy” of HDLR

We spoke with Recycled J about HDLR’s comeback, his upcoming projects and the criticism that sometimes comes with his versatility.

Exclusive: We talk with Dominnico about his new collection “Omega”

We talk with Domingo, creative director of DOMINNICO about Omega, his career and his current vision of the fashion industry in the midst of a pandemic.

Rubén H. Bermúdez x HIGHXTAR

Highshout. 2 – Rubén H. Bermúdez

In this second HIGHSHOUT, Jose and Sergio talk with Rubén H. Bermúdez, author of ‘And you, why are you black?’.


In Hightalks. Vol.7 we talked with Albany after the release of her new mixtape “Se trata de mi” to speak about her project.

We talk w/ Yendry

We talked with YENDRY, the new Dominican bombshell who is about to release her debut album with RCA Records and Sony Music Latino.

Astrid Andersen

We talk w/ Astrid Andersen

On the occasion of the launch of her new deadstock capsule, we spoke to Astrid Andersen about her iconic legacy in fashion today.

Johnny Garso

We talk W/ Johnny Garso

We talked to Johnny Garso, the rock and roll star of the national music scene, if you don’t know him yet, don’t miss it.

Hablamos w/ KYNE

Exclusive: We talk w/ KYNE after presenting her latest track “El final”

We talked to KYNE about her new track, career, references and current vision of the scene and art in the midst of the liquid era.

Nathy Peluso

HIGHTALKS. VOL.6 >>> Nathy Peluso

Although for most people 2020 has been a year to forget, for Nathy Peluso it has been the year that has marked a before and after.


We talk w/ Alice & js from @jaimetoutcheztoi

We talked with Alice Barbier and js Roques de @jaimetoutcheztoi about the current panorama of fashion and digital content.

Pepa Salazar

We talk w/ Pepa Salazar

Today we spoke with designer Pepa Salazar about her concerns, her new collection and how she sees the future of the fashion industry.

Cruz Cafuné presenta 'Visión Tunel'

We talk w/ Cruz Cafuné

Cruz Cafuné has just presented its EP “Visión Tunel”. We talked to him about his career, references and vision of the music scene.

Juanma JMSE

We talk w/ Juanma Jmse

There is one name that is repeated more than others in the photos you save of the sneakers you like. We talk w/ Juanma Jmse.