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Today we bring a new delivery of HIGHTALKS. In this occasion, we have chatted with Khea, the young artist of only 19 years who has managed to become the maximum exponent of urban music in Argentina.

We talk w/ Lil Moss, Spanish trap icon

Considered one of the fathers of our country’s trap, Lil Moss distils elegance and tranquility with a style that shows that urban music is much more than aggressiveness, drugs and egocentrism.

We talk w/ María Escarmiento: the reborn of María Villar

We say goodbye to María Villar, OT participant, and welcome María Escarmiento: urban sounds, eclectic lyrics and an effortless sophistication aesthetics.

We talk w/ César Pérez, designer of AF1 De Lo Mío

When it is about creativity, self-improvement, success based on effort and dreams come true, one of the first people who comes to mind is César Pérez.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.3 >>> C. Tangana & Alex Turrión & Javier Ruiz

In this third issue of HHIGHTALKS. we focus on C. Tangana and his creative team: Álex Turrión and Javier Ruiz. #mustwatch

We talk w/ Afterhomework

Pierre Kaczmarek with only 15 years old decided to project his creativity in the creation of T-shirts after high school. Two years later, from this experimental root Afterhomework was born.


Aleesha has revolutionized national urban pop. Image, voice and attitude are only three of the pillars that sustain one of the most projected national talents.

We talk w/ the artist and DJ Maria Forqué (aka Virgen María)

Virgen María is an aesthetic quake. The artist is a compendium of disciplines that have permeated the avant-garde scene on an international scale.

We talk w/ King Jedet, who just released his new hit “Miami”

Jedet is an unstoppable phenomenon. Singer, actor, writer; formerly activist and undeniably influential (though he does not consider himself as such).

We talk W/ Melania Freire winner of Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent 2019

Melania Freire stood out for creating a collection inspired by the vivid colours and shapes of the painter David Hockney.

We talk W/ Shoop Clothing after their #MBFWM fashion show

In HIGHXTAR. we have had the opportunity to talk with Shoop Clothing, the creators of a collection that is out of this world, about things that indeed are.

We analyze the figure of the stylist of the XXI century with Elena Mottola

Different factors throughout history have been determining the evolution of the figure of the stylist to turn it into a profession in constant redefinition.

We talk with Santos Bacana, the director behind C.Tangana’s new videoclip ‘Un Veneno’

A Spaniard successfully settled in Los Angeles is behind the direction and part of the lyrics of C.Tangana’s new videoclip, ‘Un Veneno’.

HIGHTALKS. Vol.1 >>> María Ke Fisherman

To inaugurate HIGHTALKS, we have selected one of the most interesting and international fashion projects in our country: María Ke Fisherman.

We talk W/ Virgen María about her first EP

Virgen María is here to bless us once again. This time she is doing it to present her first EP in European exclusivity. She will do it in Valle Eléctrico tomorrow, October 4th.

We talk W/ Javier de la Blanca

Javier de la Blanca is a mirror in which to see art without limits, gender activism, creative provocation or fashion reflected from an anti-aesthetic and eccentric focus full of emotions.

We talk W/ ATICA FOREVER | Pablo® breaks the boundaries between real and virtual

We talked with ATICA FOREVER who introduced us to Pablo ® who has come to break the limits of matter and our perception, activating all the senses towards a parallel reality.

We talk w/ Eva Al Desnudo

Eva Al Desnudo has positioned herself as one of the best street-style / fashion photographers of the moment. We talked to her about her work, tastes and fashion.

We talk W/ Wekaforé Maniu Jibril

We interviewed Wekaforé Maniu Jibril, creative director of Wekafore; elegant African tailoring with street sensibility of the 70s.

We talk W/ Brays Efe

We interviewed Brays Efe, the new actor 360, who is the focus of the scene, and of a performance that has crossed borders with Paquita Salas.

We talk W/ Outsiders Division

David Méndez, Alejandro Gallifa and Alberto Perancho are three friends who decided to join forces and talent to do “their things” and it turns out that now it is something a little bit of everyone: Outsiders Division.