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HIGHTALKS. Vol.1 >>> María Ke Fisherman

To inaugurate HIGHTALKS, we have selected one of the most interesting and international fashion projects in our country: María Ke Fisherman.

We talk W/ Virgen María about her first EP

Virgen María is here to bless us once again. This time she is doing it to present her first EP in European exclusivity. She will do it in Valle Eléctrico tomorrow, October 4th.

We talk W/ Javier de la Blanca

Javier de la Blanca is a mirror in which to see art without limits, gender activism, creative provocation or fashion reflected from an anti-aesthetic and eccentric focus full of emotions.

We talk W/ ATICA FOREVER | Pablo® breaks the boundaries between real and virtual

We talked with ATICA FOREVER who introduced us to Pablo ® who has come to break the limits of matter and our perception, activating all the senses towards a parallel reality.

We talk w/ Eva Al Desnudo

Eva Al Desnudo has positioned herself as one of the best street-style / fashion photographers of the moment. We talked to her about her work, tastes and fashion.

We talk W/ Wekaforé Maniu Jibril

We interviewed Wekaforé Maniu Jibril, creative director of Wekafore; elegant African tailoring with street sensibility of the 70s.

We talk W/ Brays Efe

We interviewed Brays Efe, the new actor 360, who is the focus of the scene, and of a performance that has crossed borders with Paquita Salas.

We talk W/ Outsiders Division

David Méndez, Alejandro Gallifa and Alberto Perancho are three friends who decided to join forces and talent to do “their things” and it turns out that now it is something a little bit of everyone: Outsiders Division.

We talk W/ Motofumi ‘Poggy’ Kogi

We talk with Poggy, one of the most influential people in the world of fashion and japanese streetwear. His charisma and vision have brought him to the helm of United Arrows.

We talk w/ 44 Studio

44 Studio is the project of Franx de Cristal and Xavi García with which we make a journey through time, urban tribes, histories and identities.

We talk w/ CHICA gang

Today we are going to talk with the creators of the collective CHICA, which aim to promote any artistic form created by girls and members of the LGTBIQ collective.

We talk w/ Julien Boudet | @Bleumode

In very few, but intense, years in the fashion world, Julien aka @Bleumode has acquired clients of the stature of Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, W Magazine or Elle US in addition to shooting for Thom Browne, Adidas or Uniqlo.

We talk w/ Amanda Portillo

We know Amanda Portillo a little better, one of the most promising artists and illustrators on the current national scene.

We talk w/ Theodoros Gennitsakis, founder of Pressure

If there is any project in Europe whose solidity and concept are worthy of admiration is Pressure Paris, directed by Theodoros Gennitsakis.

We talk w/ Jean-Charles Leuvrey, founder of Hotel Radio Paris

After a year revolutionizing the concept of online radio, Hotel Radio Paris landed in Barcelona. We interviewed Jean-Charles Leuvrey, its founder.

We talk w/ Maxime Plescia-Buchi | Creative & Founder of Sang Bleu

Behind Swiss Typefaces, Novembre Magazine, TTTISM, Physical or the great Sang Bleu there is a creative mind capable of managing and spinning all these projects to perfection, its name: Maxime Plescia-Buchi.

We talk w/ Alberto Panocchi, store manager in Slam Jam Milano

Alberto Pannochi is a young man who knows what he’s talking about and who in just three years has consolidated his position in one of the most interesting projects in the fashion world.

We talk with the stylist Valeria Semushina

Her taste in combining her post-Soviet origins with Milanese chic has made her one of our favorite instagramers and stylists. We talk with Valeria Semushina.

We talk w/ Cora Novoa from SKTVT

Today we talk with the producer, designer and artist Cora Novoa, SKTVT creative director and pioneer of the “concept brand” in our country, Spain.

We talk w/ Kubo from GR8 Tokyo

Kubo is one of the most influential personalities in the fashion industry. We talk with him about the japanese fashion industry and GR8’s world.