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0’s by Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean

Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean’s project keeps increasing its hype. Now, the artists have just released a new chapter titled 0’s.

Virgil Abloh and Pioneer reduce setup to a minimum

The partnership between Pioneer DJ and Virgil allows us to re-evaluate the current treatment of the design of one of the best equipment on the market until it is reduced to its minimum expression.

El ron para repartir. A collaboration between Havana Club and C. Tangana

Havana Club launches a limited edition bottle designed by C. Tangana’s team. An exclusive collection inspired by the Cuban aesthetics of the “Para Repartir” videoclip.

LEV Festival Gijón 2019 > We were there

Last week, LEV Festival celebrated its thirteenth edition in Gijón. That same year, in October, it will expand to the capital to be held for the first time in Matadero Madrid.

The pics of your favorite rappers are shot by Hajar Benjida

Hajar Benjida has spent the XXII century in advanced mode through the portrait of a new generation with its polaroids of rappers and grime artists.


Aleesha has revolutionized national urban pop. Image, voice and attitude are only three of the pillars that sustain one of the most projected national talents.

Tyler The Creator, new album?

Tyler publishes two teasers with two fragments of unreleased songs on YouTube, probably part of his next work.

Skepta presents new work soon >>> #SONAR Barcelona

Skepta announces new work for May 31, shortly after we can enjoy the live album at the SONAR festival in Barcelona.

We talk w/ the artist and DJ Maria Forqué (aka Virgen María)

Virgen María is an aesthetic quake. The artist is a compendium of disciplines that have permeated the avant-garde scene on an international scale.

Maikel Delacalle presents “No he sido un santo” with video by Blas Egea

Maikel Delacalle presents “No he sido un santo” his awaited new single after the success of “Replay”.

Alizzz allies with Paula Cendejas in “Otro Lugar” (Another Place)

Alizzz does not stop, he is back with “Otro Lugar”, work in which he collaborates with the new national sensation Paula Cendejas.

This influencer faked a weekend at Coachella

During the last few weeks instagram was filled with images of people enjoying themselves in Coachella, but were they really there?

FKA twigs returns with “Cellophane” after 3 years of silence

The British singer returns with a new single and videoclip. “Cellophane” is the FKA’s most vulnerable song to date.

Cha Chá presents its most special night: Big Cha Chá

Cha Chá presents its most special night: Big Cha Chá

C. Tangana impresses us in “Para Repartir”

A proposal in which location, music, direction, photo and styling are aligned in a way that results in a video clip full of personality.

Loom Festival 2019, an inescapable event

The LOOM Festival is an interdisciplinary art festival that will take place on May 4 in Utopia126, includes interactive audiovisual installations, performances and musical performances.

David Lynch plays a wolf in ‘Fire is Coming’, the new Flying Lotus videoclip

We had to wait five years, but finally Flying Lotus is back. And he does it accompanied by the leader of cinematic dream surrealism.

Who is Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish, her personal and particular voice has captivated the music industry, while her hair of changing color and gothic-punk style has seduced the fashion world.

HIGHCHART. #17 – Curated By Steve Lean

Steve Lean has become one of the most powerful music producers in our country, with an insatiable present and a promising future.

Gesaffelstein & Pharrell Williams present Blast Off video

After his performance in Coachella, Gesaffelstein – The prince of darkness – has finally shared the long-awaited video of his hit “Blast Off” in collaboration with Pharrell Williams.

Beyoncé will open the doors of Coachella in Netflix

“Homecoming” is Netflix’s new documentary film based on Beyoncé’s experience at the Californian Coachella festival in 2018.