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iHeartRadio organizes a virtual solidarity mega-concert

iHeartRadio began a viral concert by a large number of international artists to raise funds for those affected by the Covid-19 virus.

Halleywood: The Remixes. A gift in quarantine days

The creative wave we’re enjoying this isolation weeks is damn big. Our dear Halley is on it too and elevated our spirit in tough times with his last project.

Virgil Abloh directs the first Pop Smoke video after his death

Designer Virgil Abloh takes on the role of director for the first posthumous video of rapper Pop Smoke, killed last month.

Are you music producer or video editor? If you have an Apple, this is for you

Apple launches a 90-day trial of its Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro applications during the quarantine to keep users busy.

Bad Bunny airs an historic video for “Yo perreo sola”

From some time now, the Puerto Rican artist is waving the flag to switch the direction of this music genre’s content.

Leïti continues on the road to consolidation

Fresh from the third season of Elite and in promotion of his new EP TATIMU MIXTAPE, the Catalan artist Leïti Sene delights us in times of confinement with the video clip of his single PERC30.


Resident Advisor will livestream a 42-hour rave.

Resident Advisor will broadcast a rave for 42 hours in a row, Club Quarantäne, to make our weekend more enjoyable without leaving home.


Rosalía releases by surprise her new song, “Dolerme”

She caught us by surprise. Rosalía has just published 2 hours ago her new song ‘Dolerme’, giving the news with an Instagram post.

We talk w/ Andrea Vandall

We talked to DJ and promoter Andrea Vandall about her projects, influences and the new music scene she’s building beyond Madrid.

The story of Kanye VS Swift… And the final chapter

Below we have prepared a summary of the story so that you can understand the importance of this call.

Will you be the creator of the next big hit?

The Covid-19 has burst into our lives and the companies Moog and Korg have made these apps free to make these difficult days easier for us.

HIGHCHART. #22 – Curated by Miqui Brightside

We are back with the Highchart section. This time we bet safe and we put ourselves in the hands of the producer and DJ from Madrid Miqui Brightside.

Exclusive: We enter the shooting of “Hasta el piso” by Kaydy Cain and Dice Ailes

Kaydy Cain and Dice Ailes are in charge of making this quarantine as bearable as possible. The video for the song is co-directed by BELLEDEJOUR and Pawla Casanovas.

Coachella postponed due to coronavirus outbreak

Through its Instagram account, the festival confirmed that it will postpone the dates of this edition: Coachella 2020 will take place in October.

The difference is in the details, chains for your AirPods

Perhaps one of Apple’s great inventions was its AirPods. Freedom of movement is priceless. The apple brand eliminated the wires that tied the cell phone distance to the…

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

Spring is just around the corner and the body is feeling it. We propose a couple of plans for this weekend in Barcelona that we know we deserve this rest.


HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

We start the first week of March with a display of plans that promise different genres and schedules for all tastes. We start!

Miqui Brightside

Intimacy and club vibes in “Kelly Kapoor” by Miqui Brightside

Madrid-based producer and DJ Miqui Brightside spreading his vibes with “Kelly Kapoor”, a new theme that pays tribute to his favourite series The Office.

HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Barcelona

Every four years in the Gregorian calendar we have an extra day, so let’s celebrate. Here are the best plans for this weekend in Barcelona


HIGHXTAR WEEKENDS | What to do in Madrid

It’s official. The sun has risen. This weekend in Madrid we succumbed to the temptation of the terraces, the beers and the long nights. Here’s our agenda.

Aleesha and Recycled J together in “Angelito”

True to themselves, Aleesha and Recycled J show us with “Angelito” that the mainstream can also be cool.