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Levi’s & Alizzz joined by a music project

The second edition of this project returns to Barcelona, a pioneering city in production and the national electronic scene. This time with Alizzz

Keith Flint, from Prodigy, died at the age of 49

UK rave scene legend, Keith Flint, was found dead in his Essex home this morning.

C TANGANA | The construction of an IDOL

From how a neighborhood kid has turned underground into mainstream, and himself into a fashion icon. We analyze the figure of Antón from Crema to the last update of C. Tangana.

Paula Cendejas, the essence of New Pop, debuts with “Sal de mi Cabeza”

The promise of New Pop in our country has already released its first single driven by Alizzz, who was responsible for promoting C. Tangana to the top.

DELLAFUENTE, C. Tangana and Alizzz take us to Paris

Art direction, stylism and music coexist in an incredible way in “Paris”; the new of Tangana and Dellafuente.

“Convertible” Halley’s new single

The sky is the limit and end point for many artists, but for Halley it’s just his starting point.

EXCLUSIVE: Alizzz presents its WHOA project! – EDITORIAL

Alizzz, the producer of producers of the national scene and one of the most demanded of the current market, launches its own project WHOA MUSIC.

Rosalía excites us with “De Aquí No Sales”

Rosalía reappears with the new videoclip of her song “De aquí no salts” (Disputa) from her album “El mal querer”.

Avant-Garde And Electronic Music Come Together At The L.E.V. 2019

L.E.V. Festival is an avant-garde audiovisual experiment that combines audiovisual shows, performances, artistic installations and electronic music.

El Bloque TV | The best television does not appear on TV

‘The Bloque TV’ is presented as a journalistic reference space of outreach and entertainment about urban music in Spanish.

Lucky Dragon: a meeting point in Madrid

Lucky Dragon is already the new meeting point of the local Madrid scene. #mustvisit

Cardi B closes a perfect 2018 with the “Money” video

Looks like Cardi B wants to finish the year on top. She has just released a video that is on everyone’s lips: pole dancing, sex and gold.

HIGHXTAR.awards. | Winners

2018 is coming to an end and as a consequence it is time to highlight those talents worthy of mention for their work throughout this year.

ANTIFAN evolves towards the industrial with “Mi Mundo”

If you add two of the components of AGORAZEIN and connect them to a Hip-Hop producer and on top of that you add Sonido Muchacho what happens is this.

“Fácil”, Jesse Baez’s new hit with C. Tangana

C. Tangana does not stop. The “new-poppy” 🙂 national star has just presented a new collaboration, this time with the Guatemalan artist, Jesse Baez.

Feature >>> DGTL Madrid 2018

The DGTL arrived for the first time to Madrid and the capital yearned for a festival of technowith promises of good music and production.

The revolutionary line-up of Primavera Sound 2019

Primavera Sound is betting on a more eclectic line-up than ever and with an outstanding female presence.

Rosalia drowns in her tears in Baghdad

Rosalía presented this Tuesday the video clip of the song Bagdad, a video in which she drowns in her tears – literal -.

Sonar launches first batch of names… And we’ve already been convinced

The SONAR festival today unveiled the first batch of confirmed artists… and we can already tell you that this promises.

We talk with Santos Bacana, the director behind C.Tangana’s new videoclip ‘Un Veneno’

A Spaniard successfully settled in Los Angeles is behind the direction and part of the lyrics of C.Tangana’s new videoclip, ‘Un Veneno’.

C. Tangana & Niño de Elche presents “Un veneno” on TV

“Without singing or tuning” C. Tangana and El Niño de Elche demonstrated yesterday – In OT – that one can do well without relying on the above.