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Kanye grita a Chance The Rapper

Kanye’s video screaming at Chance The Rapper

Kanye has been shown in a video from last summer in which he shouts out to his g Chance The Rapper as he records in the studio.

Lola Flores

Lola Flores “resurrected” thanks to deepfake technology

Fate wanted her to leave us in 1995, but now and thanks to the technology known as deepfake, Lola Flores speaks to us again.


Will we remember the festivals as “that” that never came back?

We will lose supply at festivals due to the little hope of reopening their doors in the summer of 2021, the vaccine the light at the end of the tunnel.

Joël Kurasinski brings us “Vicio, Lujo y Pena en Valencia”

Vicio, Lujo y Pena en Valencia is the new work from Joël Kurasinski. An album that brings us closer to his more personal perspective.

Billie Eilish and Rosalía publish their long-awaited collaboration, ‘Lo Vas A Olvidar

Billie Eilish and Rosalia have announced that their long-awaited collaboration will arrive tomorrow.

Morad is the artist with more streams in Spain

Morad closes the year with a Platinum Record and beats Rosalía in streams. These figures make it the musical phenomenon of the moment. 

aura aura

Bikôkô debuts with “Aura Aura”, an album produced by her

Bikôkô debuta con “Aura Aura”, un proyecto musical y visual producido por ella en el que mezcla sonidos creando una identidad propia

Comerte entera

And 2021 arrived with “Eat you whole” by C. Tangana

“Comerte entera” is the new theme with which C. Tangana, El Madrileño opens in 2021. Reinventing sounds that leave no one indifferent.

All about Billie Eilish’s new book

Billie Eilish presents her first book of photographs. She has also launched an audio book with stories to accompany some of the photos. Already available in pre-sales. 

Nicki Minaj pays Tracy Chapman $450,000 for copyright

Nicki Minaj pays for a lawsuit filed by Tracy Chapman for sampling the singer-songwriter’s “Baby Can I Hold You” on her song “Sorry”.


Miley Cyrus reveals the collaborations of her next album

Miley Cyrus is working on a Metallica cover album and the project will feature Elthon John, Yo-Yo Ma and Chad Smith.


GRAMMY 2021 Awards postponed due to COVID-19

The 63rd annual GRAMMY Awards have been delayed to March due to COVID-19. Beyoncé tops this year’s list of nominees with nine nominations.

Billie Eilish: “Let me live with my fucking hair”

Billie Eilish responde al hate de su pelo verde lima. Ha amenazado con no sacar su nuevo álbum si se siguen riendo de su look.

Princesa Alba repeats with Alizzz in “Dame”

After his last collaboration with the Chilean Princesa Alba on the song “Me equivocoqué”, Alizzz leaves his mark again on “Dame”.

Rihanna’s Next Project: A Caribbean Cookbook

In addition to having a documentary on the way, Rihanna has revealed that she has been preparing a cookbook for her fans during the confinement.


K-pop records highest growth ever, 64% in 2020

The K-pop industry experienced significant growth worldwide, making history with record numbers this year.

Patreon: the new platform for culture

Surely on more than one occasion you have thought of helping your favorite artist financially. Now you can: Patreon allows you to connect creators with their biggest fans.

Daft Punk publishes by surprise the “complete edition” of the soundtrack of TRON

Now, 10 years after the release date of Tron: Legacy, the French duo have released the “Complete Edition” of their work for the Disney movie.

Miley Cyrus is delighted that Cher hates her

Miley Cyrus takes it as a personal success that the pop legend hates her. The singer declares that it is impossible to please everyone.

Rosé de BLACKPINK becomes the new ambassador of YSL Beauty

Vogue Korea has just shared a video for YSL Beauty, in which the brand reveals its new ambassador: Rosé from BLACKPINK. This is the first time that Rosé…

So Solid Crew

The Grime’s euphoric history

The 2000’s and a new underground scene in East London. We take a journey through the history of grime, from its beginnings to nowadays.