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Stormzy A$AP Rocky Sónar

Sonar replaces A$AP Rocky, imprisoned in Sweden, with Stormzy

Sonar Festival has added Stormzy to its line-up, a last-minute addition that had to take place due to the arrest of A$AP Rocky.

Highchart. #SONAR2019 | Lil Moss

Lil Moss is one of the most admired figures of the trap of our country, and can boast of a background that does not leave out any of the more in artists in this new wave of powerful beats and neoperreo.

We talk w/ María Escarmiento: the reborn of María Villar

We say goodbye to María Villar, OT participant, and welcome María Escarmiento: urban sounds, eclectic lyrics and an effortless sophistication aesthetics.

HIGHCHART. #Sonar2019 | La Diabla

Producer and DJ, La Diabla resurrects old school reggaeton by adding dembow and a polished avant-garde street aesthetics.


If a few days ago we started with Aleesha, this time it’s Alvva’s turn, who will perform in Sónar by day on Saturday 20th.

Robie, the new promise of new pop music, presents “¿Qué será?”

New Pop is here, new color codes and new emotions that renew the genre. Robie, the promise of urban music, presents her new single from her next EP “Qué será?”

Rosalía fucking money man

Rosalía and her passion for stashing

She just dropped her new song and video called “Fucking Money Man” +”DIO$ NO$ LIBR€ D€L DIN€RO”, resulting in an amusing fusion of teenage pop and rumba from the first track, and the elegance of the second one where she performs with a lyric approach, showing once again the exquisite of the Spanish singer’s voice.

Highchart. #SONAR2019 | Aleesha

Aleesha inaugurates a series of special HIGHCHART. #SONAR2019 in which the participants will bring us their #must of this edition.

Recycled J x Por la pasta

EXCLUSIVE: Recycled J x Por la pasta: 9 Recycled, 9 visions

Recycled J triumphs again with a new marketing strategy. After the success of “Valga la pena”, the artist allies with youtuber Fortfast to promote his new video with a beef agreed by both.

Paraiso Festival, the best music festival in Madrid

Approximately 25,000 attendees enjoyed last weekend’s Paraiso festival, an unmissable event of creativity and electronic music that was celebrating its second edition this year. The line-up was promising and the great reception of its debut last year augured an even better event.

Sónar 2019. Just one month to go

There’s only one month left. The countdown has begun. The world’s largest dance floor is already preparing for its three days and two nights of live music, exhibitions and workshops.

The Primavera Sound of Pablo Amores

Inaugurates this particular tribute to the Primavera Sound el diablo for the deep spain, our beloved: Pablo Amores

Paraíso Festival | Creativity and electronic music

After its debut last summer, Paraiso expects that this year the festival will welcome up to 40% more attendees.

Primavera Sound 2019 | More than just a festival

With a risky line-up and controversies in the spotlight, Primavera Sound 2019 has welcomed a massive audience and was incredible!

Rihanna enhances her roots with Fenty’s “Black is beautiful”

Rihanna knows that she has a voice not only to sing, but to give visibility to important social causes that should not be forgotten: “Black is beautiful”.

Another aesthetic and musical gem of Rosalía: Aute Cuture

Rosalía gives us again a unique aesthetic and musical combination with Aute Cuture. 

HIGHCHART. #18 – Curated by ANTIFAN

The Madrid band ANTIFAN has collected their top 10 songs of the moment in an exclusive playlist for HIGHCHART.

HIGHTALKS. VOL.3 >>> C. Tangana & Alex Turrión & Javier Ruiz

In this third issue of HHIGHTALKS. we focus on C. Tangana and his creative team: Álex Turrión and Javier Ruiz. #mustwatch

Larios y Paula Cendejas presentan Otro Lugar

Paula Cendejas and Alizzz present “Otro Lugar”

We present “Otro Lugar”, the project carried out by Larios together with the producer Alizzz, the singer Paula Cendejas and the dancer Fanny Sage.

Revolution is coming | This is what awaits us in Primavera Sound 19

This year, Primavera Sound breaks new ground with a parity line-up that is more urban than ever. There will be no peace for “oldies”.

0’s by Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean

Sticky M.A. and Steve Lean’s project keeps increasing its hype. Now, the artists have just released a new chapter titled 0’s.