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Twitter launches a new feature: Super Follow

Twitter wants to increase its revenue by 2023. To achieve this, the platform is launching Super Follow: a paid subscription service.

Hasbro Pulse launches Star Wars helmet with built-in voice box

Hasbro Pulse is back with another Star Wars collectible toy; the Black Series First Order Stormtrooper helmet.

The secret message of Perseverance sent to Mars

The first images of the red planet sent to us by the Perseverance rover, including an encrypted message, are now coming to light. 


Off-White alarm clocks will liven up your early mornings

Virgil Abloh has just announced the launch of two alarm clocks designed together with Braun. The new Off-White c/o Braun edition watches come in two colorways: one in vibrant orange and one in muted blue. Ready for the home revolution? 

Gigi Hadid now has her own videogame

Gigi Hadid has a new retro aesthetic video game dedicated to her and her closet. In a video for Vogue’s YouTube she shows us all the details.


Haven’t downloaded Clubhouse yet?

Clubhouse does not stop growing. It is estimated that there are already between six and ten million users, of which only 2.6 are Americans.


Lexus launches the first vehicle dedicated to Twitchers

Lexus modifies one of its carto to adapt it to Twitch scene. Its interior has a custom screen designed for the gamers.


Want more engaging content on your Instagram?

If you want to succeed on Instagram you must have quality content, but if you are not a photographer, XOX is your perfect audiovisual agency.


SpaceX has opened the Starlink pre-order

Starlink is a SpaceX project that aims to bring high-speed Internet to consumers anywhere on the planet.


Discover how to convert your traditional bicycle into an electric one

Clip is the new trendy accessory to convert your traditional bike to electric at an affordable price. Best of all, you can adapt it to that vintage bike you’ve seen on Wallapop and that you like so much. 

Apple Watch

Apple Watch users will be able to unlock iPhone while wearing a face mask

Apple’s 14.5 update will allow users to unlock iPhone with Face ID despite wearing a face mask.

Xiaomi presenta "Mi Air Charge"

Xiaomi unveils a device that charges cell phones through the air

Xiaomi introduces the new device in development “Mi Air Charge” which allows devices to be charged through the air.

Elon Musk wrote “#bitcoin” in his Twitter bio and this happened

Elon Musk never ceases to amaze us with his tweets. His influence is much greater than you could imagine. This has been his latest mess…


Apple fights against racism with this new capsule

Apple launches a new watch on the occasion of Black history month. It will be available from February 1.

MacBook Air will be even thinner and lighter

In a recent report, Bloomberg reveals that the next round of MacBook Air laptops will be even thinner and lighter.


You can now take pictures from space thanks to Canon

Canon has created a new website that allows you to take pictures from space. With the help of its satellite CE-SAT-1, the new platform will become your perfect ally to travel without leaving home. In addition, they have introduced the voice of astronaut Marsha Ivins to narrate the experience. Are you up for this intergalactic trip? 


Samsung launches a Y2K case for its Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung launches an innovative protective cover for its Galaxy Buds Pro. Its aesthetic is a clear tribute to the early 2000s.


On ebay: Signed 10 MTG Alpha Black Lotus PSA card

eBay ha recuperando una de las cartas más grandes en la historia de JCC para su subasta Magic: The Gathering, Alpha Black Lotus firmada

CES 2021

LG Unveils New rollable Smartphone at CES 2021

LG makes public the design of its new smartphone presented at CES 2021. The device includes an rollable screen with with the latest generation OLED technology. 

Apple could introduce its first car thanks to Hyundai

It seems that the rumors are true. It is said that Apple would be starting to develop its first car.

5k Dell

Welcome to 5K technology

Dell has just revolutionised the market with its new UltraSharp 40 Curved 5K computer screen which will arrive on 28 January.