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Visit up to 250 world monuments with Google Maps

Google Maps expands its Immersive View feature to include up to 250 new landmarks around the world and their weather conditions.

Discover the Silent-Yachts: the new Tesla’s of the sea

The world of transport is becoming more electrified. The prime example is Silent Yachts, known as the “Tesla of the sea”.

Discover the new HERO11 Black cameras from GoPro

GoPro has just announced the launch of three versions of its new HERO11 Black camera. Find out what’s new.

These are the most used emojis and the most misunderstood ones

According to Adobe’s global study Global Emoji Trend Report, emojis contribute to inclusion and encourage creative self-expression.

You can now personalise your next iPhone thanks to this app

Don’t like Apple’s designs? Don’t worry, thanks to this new website you can create your own iPhone.

Golden Concept designs world’s most expensive Apple Watch case

Golden Concept, the Swedish brand specialising in personalised electronics, is launching the most expensive Apple Watch case ever. 

Tesla Semi Truck and Cybertruck to arrive this year

Elon Musk has announced that the long-awaited Tesla Semi Truck will arrive in late 2022 while the Cybertruck will arrive in 2023.

Apple’s AR glasses will cost more than €2,000

Apple has long been rumoured to be working on augmented reality glasses, and now we finally know what the price will be.

Beats x Kim: The first customised wireless headphones

Beats Fit Pro introduces its first custom wireless headphones designed with Kim Kardashian.

WhatsApp launches new features such as leaving a group silently

WhatsApp is working on three new features that will give users more control over their conversations.

Miley Cyrus is the first guest of Gucci Town

Miley Cyrus joins Gucci Beauty in the metaverse, becoming the first guest of Gucci Town. 

Movement 2.0 continues the research thread of the artist Cami Alberti

Cami Albert focuses on explaining physical movement, and how it could transcend time by evolving hand in hand with technology.

BodyCam: The future of football

During a friendly match between A.C. Milan and 1 F.C. Köhl, a strategy was implemented through cameras and microphones.

Nothing Phone (1) arrives in July: the most hyped smartphone ever

It is now official that 12 July will see the launch of Nothing’s new smartphone that aims to revolutionise the market: Phone (1).

Swatch wins the MoonSwatch Planets de Tour model

Swatch is embarking on a new adventure this summer: eleven MoonSwatch planets will travel across Europe on a journey like no other.

MUJI and Honda launch the electric bike you need

MUJI and Honda are collaborating on a new electric bike with a practical yet minimalist design that’s perfect for this summer.

Soon you will be able to hide that you are ‘online’ on WhatsApp

Rumours circulating on the internet claim that WhatsApp has been developing the option to hide the ‘online’ for months.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to detect if you have a fever

The highlight of the Apple Watch Series 8 will be the body temperature monitoring feature, otherwise there won’t be much new.

Are you a content creator? Nikon’s new camera is made for you

On the occasion of National Camera Day, Nikon introduced the Z 30, a camera designed for streamers, content creators and vloggers.

‘Karaoke mode’ comes to Spotify

You can now sing your favourite songs in karaoke version on Spotify, but… Why did it take so long to include this option?

Alexa will be able to play back the voice of deceased people

Using AI techniques, Amazon is working on enabling its users to recreate anyone’s voice with Alexa.