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No more excuses: dumbbells that change weights

Imagine being able to ask your dumbbells to adjust their weight according to your preferences, now it is possible thanks to NordicTrack.

BMW iX Flow: colour change in an instant

BMW has decided to implement electronic ink on the exterior of one of its cars that allows it to change colour right in front of your eyes. 

The era of the BlackBerry is coming to an end in 2022

The company has reminded that on 4 January 2022 services for BlackBerry, the mobile plus Y2K, will no longer be available.

This is what the first Metaverse Fashion Week will be like

Metaverse Fashion Week: An event through which fashion and technology will strengthen the union that they have been developing all this time.

This is the ring worn by all millionaires in 2021

The Oura Ring is the exclusive wearable that has attracted the attention of several millionaires, such as Shaquille O’Neal or Will Smith.

Apple to give financial benefits to its employees so they do not leave for Meta

Apple’s focus at the moment is on retaining its most technologically talented employees.

First-ever SMS sold for €132,680

A simple Christmas greeting message sent by Vodafone in 1993 and now sold as NFT.

Nike opens the first “Live Store” in Spain

The Nike “Live Store” opens its doors on 4 December and is located in the L’illa Diagonal shopping centre, Avinguda Diagonal 557.

Justin Bieber x Vespa: coming soon

Justin Bieber y la marca italiana de scooters de lujo Vespa colaborarán en febrero de 2022. ¿Estáis [email protected]?

TOMMY x Roblox Creators: The Tommy Hilfiger Virtual Collection

Tommy Hilfiger takes on the brand’s most iconic looks with the unique touch of eight UGC creators from the Roblox 3D space.

Elon Musk named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year

TIME magazine has chosen Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk, “the world’s richest man” as the most influential person of 2021. 

Glovo Madrid will now deliver its orders with a robot

The people of Madrid will be able to receive their Glovo food orders from the hands of a robot from 2022. Are you ready?

Nike acquires RTFKT to design sneakers in the metaverse

Tired of hearing about the metaverse? Nike has just officially acquired RTFKT, a brand specialising in NFT trainers and fashion.

Box installed in Australia to record population’ s self-destruction

The aim of this experiment set up in Australia is to immortalise how humans are gradually destroying the Earth.

Balenciaga expands its digital frontiers and enters the Metaverse

For Balenciaga there are no digital barriers. Once again, the maison directed by Gvasalia expands its digital frontiers.

Pull&Bear collaborates again with Facebook and Instagram through the mini game ‘Xmas in Hawaii’

Pull&Bear has the support of Facebook Creative Shop and La Frontera VR to create ‘Xmas in Hawaii’, a fun Christmas game.

Here is the list of discounts for Black Friday 2021

To speed up the shopping process for you, we visited the top online sales platforms to pick out the best bargains for Black Friday 2021. 

Street artist Demsky and tech company ANIMA launch augmented reality sculptures

Iconic Spanish modern and street artist Demsky and augmented reality company Anima collaborated on PHASE MN:01 Mirror.

Meta is getting closer and closer to get the gloves that will make you feel the objects of the metaverse in reality

Meta brings to light its progress in the development of haptic gloves for virtual reality. One more step towards a reality that has been 7 years in the making.

Will the metaverse be the future of social connection?

Zuckerberg’s metaverse orbits at the centre of the global conversation. But really, what is it and what is behind Meta?

Gucci and Xbox could revolutionise the fashion game

Gucci is reportedly about to launch a collaboration with Xbox. Will it be that creative fusion a fashion game revolution?