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We tell you what the new Nokia 2720 V Flip will look like

The Nokia 2720 V Flip will hit the U.S. market on May 20. After seeing it we came to one conclusion: you either love it or you hate it.


Smeg introduces its first kitchenware line

Smeg has just introduced its first cookware collection that includes pots, pans, frying pans and a wok.

This is Facebook ‘s solution to misinformation

Facebook encourages its users to read the news from beginning to end before publishing them and thus fight against misinformation.


The great fortunes that were born in the forums

Some of the great businesses that make our lives easier today started with a simple comment in a forum. Here are some examples.


A TikTok would have the keys to solve a kidnapping

A Tik Tok shows a 22-year-old woman who claims to have been kidnapped. Police are investigating whether she is Sofia Juarez.

Audio clip recorded for the first time on Mars

An audio clip has been recorded on Mars for the first time thanks to the work done by Mars Ingenuity and the rover.

tip jar

Tip Jar: the Twitter update that will allow you to charge for your tweets

Tip Jar is the new feature that the Twitter application is developing to allow users to receive tips for their tweets.


NASA discovers a “diamond necklace” 15,000 light-years away

NASA has been able to unveil, thanks to its Hubble space telescope, new images of the “diamond necklace of cosmic proportions”.


This emoji will finally have several skin tones

The new Emoji 14.0 update will allow the use of the handshake emoji with up to 25 different skin color combinations.

Prototipo iPhone plegable

Apple could launch its first foldable iPhone in 2023

Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple will launch an eight-inch foldable iPhone with a QHD+ OLED display in 2023.


Amazon has been a major beneficiary of the pandemic

Amazon’s numbers have grown more during the pandemic than over the past three years. They have been the big beneficiaries of e-commerce.


Emily Ratajkowski jumps on the NFT bandwagon

Emily Ratajkowski will sell her NFTs in an effort to regain control of her image. She will hold the auction with Christie’s art house.


Apple brings back its 1977 rainbow logo

Apple updates its original 1977 rainbow logo for the launch of its new iMac M1 computers.


Kurt Kobain’s last photos to be sold as NFTs

The photos from “The last session” will be auctioned on May 3rd and sold as NFTs. The proceeds will go to the JED Foundation.

Rolls-Royce x Chrome Hearts from Drake, on display at ICA Miami

Drake’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan x Chrome Hearts modified by Mansory will now be available for display at ICA Miami from the 1st of May..

instagram función

Instagram bets on influencers with a new feature

The Instagram team is working on a new feature that according to Mark Zuckerberg, will give rise to a “middle class of creators.”

hermes x rolls

Rolls-Royce and Hermès create a tailor-made car for a Japanese businessman

Rolls-Royce has designed together with Hermès a luxury car created expressly for the Japanese businessman Yusaky Maezawa.

You can now block offensive DMs on Instagram

Instagram platform updates its policy and moves forward in the fight against offensive messages through its direct messages.

amazon salon

Amazon Salon: the first hair salon with augmented reality

Amazon offers its customers a new service: Amazon Salon. It is the first hairdressing salon to incorporate augmented reality.

United Kingdom could start using digital currency

The United Kingdom is considering the possibility of including a new digital currency as a method of payment within the country.


Apple has already unveiled its new products

Apple will launch a new iMac, its thinnest model to date, AirTags, its iPhone 12 and mini version in purple and a new iPad.