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The alliance formed between the emblematic French fashion house, Louis Vuitton and its creative director Virgil Abloh with the designer Nigo, is one of the strongest of today. To celebrate the strength of the union, the two have decided to go ahead and present their new LV² Pre-Spring collection in video format.

This second installment celebrates Nigo’s diverse cultural influences, based on a combination of the designer’s Japanese roots and his personal collections of subcultural British tailoring from the 1950s and 1960s.

Presented in video format, this trailer shows the exclusive Monogram Drip patchwork of some of the denim garments and accessories, including the Japanese cruiser bag, the hoodie and monogrammed trousers, the trainers and the “LV Made” bucket hat – and don’t forget the red “Zillionaires” sunglasses and the “Intarsia Heart” turtleneck jumper.

Check out the trailer for the capsule and visit the Louis Vuitton website to get your hands on some of the pieces.