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Because the difference is in the small details, can you imagine raising your coffee to another level? Then stop imagining it because your dream has come true with these new ice trays with special design moulds. This gastronomic accessory creates on ice the logos of your favorite fashion brands. Nothing better than an ice-coffee with Chanel or Saint Laurent ice.

Due to the COVID-19 we spend more time at home than we would like and the return to normal life seems to be further and further away. In addition, the reduced hours of the hotel industry in some parts of our country push us strongly to get behind the bar at home. That is why we have become amateur waiters for our guests.

Although our lounge is not the charming Secret Garden of Salvador Bachiller we can give a sophisticated touch to our drinks with designer ice. Because everybody knows that a coffee or a cocktail can be tasted differently if it is signed by an international maison. The silicone ice cube forms will make your first weekend drink stop being boring and conventional.

Now you can be the envy of Instagram posting photos of your Sex on the Beach with a little umbrella and Chanel and YSL ice. We haven’t been able to wait to select our favorites, what’s yours?