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Yolanda Zobel, the newly appointed creative director, has presented her first proposal for the Courrèges house at #PFW. With an inspiration from the 1960s and the typical vinyl of the house but this time with a different perspective, the German claims a new vision.

Courrèges SS19

Yolanda’s arrival means the beginning of the 0 plastic, she has presented pieces in vinyl – yes – but for that she used the remains that were left in the studio. The end of a conception that opens the door to a new future and that, basically, is what the collection was talking about.

Held in the boutique de Courrèges, which has been destroyed for the new awakening, the models made their way through the crowd that stood to watch. The garments were a mix of inspirations that were based on the 60’s of the house and mixed with the clubland aesthetics of the 90’s. There were also references to manga, logomania in transparent pieces and a certain hipster aesthetic.

Courrèges SS19

A proposal of vindication that sets a new beginning in the maison Courrèges, the Yolanda Zobel‘s era.