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On 19 December, during Paris Fashion Week, Daniel Arsham will present the Chapter 003 collection of his brand Objects IV Life.

Daniel Arsham achieved worldwide recognition for his concept of ‘fictional archaeology’, which transforms modern artefacts into eroded cultural objects and decaying technological devices from materials such as sand and glass.

From the very first moment, he attracted the attention of great figures inside and outside the fashion industry, collaborating with major brands such as Dior, Tiffany & Co., Rimowa or adidas.

In addition to launching Objects IV Life in 2022, a London-based brand accelerator that supports emerging brands such as Martine Rose or Loverboy by Charles Jeffrey, Arsham created his own brand: Objects IV Life. Now, he will make his debut on 19 February during Paris Fashion Week, where he will unveil his latest collection.

“Objects IV Life comprises foundational pieces that aim to build a wardrobe of uniforms for a creative way of life,” says the artist about the brand’s identity. “Designed between New York and London, all garments are made in Portugal and Los Angeles, with custom hardware sourced from Italy.”