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The migration of brands to the virtual world requires a new generation of digital artists, 3D, game designers and NFT experts who are transforming fashion. An extension into rendered spaces such as video games or web projects3 that relies on a network of experts to translate their imagery, distinctive codes and aesthetics into the metaverse.

Studios like BeyondCreative are already nowadays referents in the industry for their know-how in digital craftsmanship. Something that we can appreciate in their remastered work of the Ozweego of adidas for the new experience of the firm in Fortnite. A process that allows exploring creativity in an unlimited way, beyond the fact of importing a 3D model into space.

As a previous project, the agency also collaborated with Balenciaga for its “Strange Times” hub for Fortnite, while Vans turned to The Gang to code and project its Roblox universe. Other firms such as Gucci also partnered with Roblox creators such as Rook Vanguard, as did Burberry with Emperia for its partnership with Harrods, or Nike and Phillip Lim with the Superficial studio.

In this sense, if the future is the metaverse, all insiders in the system and/or industry are seizing the opportunity for business and long-term survival; incorporating web3 divisions to support brands and connect them with the right talent, as Highsnobiety‘s creative agency is doing. Whether the goal is to market a physical or digital product (NFT), these experts become the cornerstone of the hypervirtual age.

A new artistic movement

Brands require these digital talents for their technical skills to build virtual avatars or mint NFTs on blockchains, but also for their creative direction and orientation to create immersive experiences that accompany and enrich the stories around their products or image. Virtual artisans who are precisely projecting a new artistic movement in the metaverse with which to create worlds and fantasies. Something we could see in the dreamscape that FutureCorp carried out with Marni to illustrate their SS22 collection.

Still, it is an emerging universe in the making. And is that, as happened in the controversial Metaverse Fashion Week, most online worlds coded through the blockchain as Decentraland still consists of basic graphics that instead of raising the DNA of the brands, weaken it; projecting a problem when connecting with new generations. The idea is to continue to creatively explore this limitless paradise.