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Designer Dilara Fındıkoğlu returns to London Fashion Week with a runway show pondering over freedom, in an abandoned London hotel valued at 23 million pounds.

Under the name “Freedom is a double-edged sword”, Dilara draws a woman from the Victorian era. The woman in the designer’s mind appears sometimes restrained in corsets, and other times liberated in silk pieces.

In the destroyed room of a hotel on the verge of collapse, the only soundtrack that can be heard is the sound of heels clicking as the models move through the room. Corsets, transparencies and garter belts fill the runway, endowing the woman of Dilara’s imagination with equal parts power, drama and sensuality.

Hair and makeup, accompany the story that the designer wants to tell. Unkempt looks and undone make-up, red lips smudged by the mouth… as if the models had just got up from a nap, or something else…

Suddenly, a dress with the Union Jack flag, and hairstyle in the shape of St. Edward’s crown, pays tribute to Elizabeth II. As the show comes to a close, a “Botticelli’s Venus” look becomes the viral moment of the runway. A structured Alexander McQueen-style dress, with blood red feathers, was the crowning glory of the proposal.

After 3 years without getting on the catwalks, Dilara Fındıkoğlu’s journey inside her brain through her childhood traumas to reach liberation has been worth it.

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