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Dior Men FW23 is a collection that rescues codes and languages of regeneration and rejuvenation from the past to transform them into something new for our present and future. For this reason, the Maison is betting on new techniques and presents the first 100% 3D printed footwear. 

There is always something from the past in the present and in the future, and Dior is no different. Starting from this genesis, Kim Jones has analysed for this collection the regeneration that the Maison underwent after the death of Mr. Dior and the rejuvenation process that he carried out with Yves Saint Laurent, whom he chose as his heir. That is why, for FW23, the creative director of the house established a parallel with literature, through images and themes taken from The Waste Land, the work of the poet T.S. Eliot. A collection in which an old world and a new world meet, in change and fluidity.

As a result of this process of transformation, we find ourselves faced with a proposal in which the Maison once again boasts its power to combine its heritage with the modernity of the present day. An example of this flow between past, present and future is the combination of craftsmanship and new materials and innovative techniques, such as 3D printing. A tool that, while not entirely new, is the first time it has been used to manufacture a design 100%. For the occasion, @thibo designed a derby silhouette and a boot silhouette.

Maison Margiela ha vuelto, vaya que si ha vuelto.