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The “Diorcamp” features embroidered logos, impressive confection and a kind of functionality that we missed in the world of accessories.

Dior Camp Messenger

Lady Dior was left behind. La maison has done it again. Diorcamp is the new fetish that has already colonized the photos of actresses, models and influencers in Instagram. This time it’s not just an impractical whim, it’s one of the most functional and versatile accessories from the haute couture.

The bag comes in a basic color pattern to adapt to any outfit without extravagances or impossible combinations. In the upper flap there is an emblem of “Christian Dior” with large letters. Two lacquered metal clasps and a print plagued with the firm’s logo give the final touch to the most coveted aesthetic. The strap also bears the name of the designer.

The fever of the logo and the 90s print have come to Dior, but fortunately prioritizing functionality and comfort. It can be worn on the shoulder or crossed, and its medium size is perfect for everyday wear. The quality of the Camp is, as we expected, unsurpassed. The maison has stated that it takes many hours to make it and that its embroidery is made with more than a million stitches.

Diorcamp is available in burgundy and navy blue. The price is $3,050 and is now available on the official Dior website.