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Have you ever thought what a Rolls Royce customized exclusively for Justin Bieber would be like? Here it is. Meet the Rolls Royce Wraith 103EX created by West Coast Custom. The result is a true work of engineering art. 

Justin Bieber had a thorn in his side: he had not yet designed a Rolls Royce. Well, it’s all said and done. This new iteration reminds us of the Rolls Royce 103EX Vision 100 and the BMW Vision Next 100 but with a notably more futuristic structure. Undoubtedly, that the wheels have been placed inside the bodywork has us all fascinated. The best thing is that it will save cleaning the tires.

Aside from the various aesthetic modifications to Justin’s liking, there is no news on engine modifications.

Now ask yourself, how would you feel driving this Rolls Royce? Surely, the model will be criticized by the most classist. However, we support the idea of Justin and many others like Kanye West or Travis Scott to redesign the original structure raising the concept of exclusivity.