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The MM6 Maison Mariela team has embraced the work from home. She has demonstrated this in her new Ready-to-Wear proposal for SS21. The lookbook, full of pieces that embrace the domestic, began to be created during the days of confinement. Thus, this new collection celebrates the countless hours of teamwork, the calls by Zoom and the new lifestyle. 

Maison Margiela has just launched its new collection for SS21. According to a statement, the proposal began to be created during the days of confinement through countless calls by Zoom. Thus, the domestic is the focus of this new proposal. The result: a collection that embraces the whole team and elevates the constant work carried out from home.

The pieces are presented in soft tones and straight lines, following Margiela’s philosophy. A selection of blazers and vests stand out, which bring formality to this “home-made” collection. Also the classic and functional garments that can not be missing from the bottom of the closet. Our favourite: a two-piece gabardine that highlights the figure and gives play to innumerable combinations.

There are no obstacles to fashion, especially not for Margiela, who has remained constant in her collections. SS21 is now available on the web.

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