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Jonathan Anderson takes the concept of imperfection to the next level with LOEWE’s new collection. Once again, the acclaimed designer surprises the public with the evolution of his creations.

“What is real today?” This is the question on Jonathan Anderson‘s mind. Rescuing the great dilemma of the surrealist thinkers, the designer uses this question to make sense (or not) of the garments that make up LOEWE‘s FW22 collection. To do so, he fuses styles, shapes, volumes, colours and fabrics while seeking perfection in the imperfect.

This is why trompe l’oeil prints are particularly strong in some of the most outstanding pieces. There is no room for simple garments. All the designs incorporate some decorative element that manages to elevate them. This is the example of the mesh tops, the shorts, the extra long gloves or the translucent coats.

Scroll through the gallery below and discover all the LOEWE FW22 looks:

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